142.0…Shopping and Sandwiches

I won’t even tell you how long the turkey enchiladas that I had for last night’s dinner were in my freezer.

November 2011 093

Notice that they were “turkey” enchiladas so you can take a good guess. Hey…..they still tasted good and I’m still alive so I guess it’s all good!

Breakfast was toast with Teddie peanut butter and cantaloupe.

November 2011 094

I took the kids to school early so we could attend their book fair that was happening this morning. After that, I ran some errands and went to Zumba.

I changed and went over to a friend’s house. She was hosting a shopping party with Stella and Dot and a  few other vendors. Lunch was provided. Shopping and food!?! Count me in!

There was an assortment of mini sandwiches:

November 2011 096

I ate one smoked salmon sandwich, one tomato mozzarella sandwich and one roast beef sandwich.

I also had some delicious salad:

November 2011 098

Spinach, strawberries (I didn’t eat those), mushrooms, candied nuts, goat cheese and vinaigrette. I had to get out of the kitchen before I ate a fourth sandwich.

I also had to leave because of this:

November 2011 097

Chocolate chip cookies and my friend Lisa’s famous brownies. She told me that they were her best batch ever. All the more reason to leave. There would be NO way I could stop at just one.

After the party there was more errand running and picking up of the kiddos. My dinner just came out of the oven and I’m quite excited about it. Stay tuned!

What is one food you are powerless around? Pizza and good brownies. Oops….I guess that’s two things.


  1. I'm powerless around any kind of dessert - I don't know how you resisted! Pizza never fills me up so I end up eating a lot...and I get hungry a little while later. Hate that.

  2. i think pizza for me...or anything cheese. and most sugar :)

  3. Pizza and chips! So bad!


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