143.0…Thanksgiving Throw Down

I feel like I participated in some sort of Thanksgiving Throw Down today. The cooking was fast and furious. I think every bowl, spoon and cooking device was used. I was on fire.

Last night I had another “meal from the freezer.” Oven-Fried Greek Chicken Bundles with Lemon Dill Sauce, Orzo and Broccoli.

November 2011 138

The orzo was from the freezer too! I was surprised how well the chicken reheated. Dinner was delicious!

Today was going to be a busy day so I needed to fuel up properly. Toasted English muffin with egg beaters and Swiss cheese and some cantaloupe.

November 2011 139

I took the kids to school, went to a meeting at the school, did some last minute Thanksgiving grocery shopping and grabbed a latte at Starbucks.

I came home and the Thanksgiving cooking bonanza began.

November 2011 140

I made two Bundt cakes, one cheesecake, two batches of brine, another batch of Gulliver’s Creamed Corn (because I didn’t think one batch would be enough),  two batches of cinnamon-roasted almonds, onion dip and I brought out all the cooking equipment/pots/pans needed for the big day.

Tomorrow we are all going to my brother’s house in Los Angeles for Thanksgiving. Then it’s my turn on Friday. I’m hosting 31 people. Yes, 31. Hence, the crazy preparations today.

I’m bringing a Brown Sugar Bundt Cake to my brother’s house. If it turns out, I’ll share the recipe. It sure smelled good when it was baking!

November 2011 141 

Eventually I had to break for lunch. It’s times like these when I’m glad to have a quick frozen meal in the freezer.

November 2011 142

I received a few coupons for Michael Angelo’s frozen meals when I attended BlogHer this past summer. So far I’ve been pretty happy with their products. Today was no different. I really enjoyed this vegetable lasagna.

November 2011 143

I made a quick salad to go with it. Great lunch!

Here are the Cinnamon-Roasted Almonds I made:

November 2011 144

They turned out pretty good!! I substituted the water for vanilla extract and doubled the cinnamon.

After all the food was prepared, it was time to set the tables. Table number one:

November 2011 145

Table number two:

November 2011 150

And table number three aka the kids table:

November 2011 147

After all that, there was no way I was cooking dinner tonight. We all headed to Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant. I enjoyed some chips, salsa and wine.

November 2011 157

I ordered the Enchiladas Rancheras for my entree.

November 2011 158

That looks quite the healthy plate of food doesn’t it? :)

I hope everyone has a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Will you be participating in Black Friday shopping?  I did that once and vowed never to do it again.


  1. Even though it's 9am and I stuffed myself silly yesterday, I want those enchiladas! I have already decided Zoey and I will be hitting up some "Mexican" restaurant for lunch (it's so hard to find good Mex out here). Oh, the creamed corn was so good!! We loved it. I hope you had a great Turkey Day and that your 31 people party goes well tonight. XO!


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