142.6…An Italian Obsession

It’s no secret. My husband and I LOVE Italian food. If I had to pick a favorite cuisine, it would be Italian (with Mexican and Indian as runners up).

I had some coupons for Michael Angelo’s frozen meals that I got from BlogHer. I redeemed one of them for a package of their meat lasagna.

November 2011 001

I’m usually not very fond of frozen meals. I prefer making things myself and freezing portions for later. You all know I love to freeze stuff! This being said, I was pleasantly surprised with this product! The instructions recommended using their microwavable method but I went with the oven method. Maybe I should have followed their advice because it took a lot longer in the oven than the directions stated. Even then, it was still cold in the middle.

I was feeling pretty bummed but just microwaved each serving and rolled with it. The verdict: it tasted pretty darn good!!! I really enjoyed it!

November 2011 002

I made a big salad to go with it and it was a great dinner! I have a few coupons left so I can’t wait to try other varieties!

I couldn’t stay away from the rest of the bagels sitting on my counter much longer so I incorporated half of one into my breakfast. I spread Teddie peanut butter on it and enjoyed every bite! I added cantaloupe to it but it tasted funny so I ended up replacing it with pineapple.

November 2011 003

I took the kids to school and then went to Zumba. We have a new instructor on Wednesdays. This was her second time teaching the class. The first class a couple of weeks ago was great! Today’s class, however, well…..sucked. I never broke a sweat and people were leaving from the class left and right. I felt bad so I stayed. Boo!

After class I met my husband and we went to buy holiday lights for our house. We usually rent them but decided it would be cheaper in the long run to buy them. My husband’s friend’s family owns the store we went to so we asked him where to go for lunch. He recommended a little Italian restaurant called Sardina’s.

November 2011 004

It wasn’t a restaurant that would catch my eye so I never would have gone their without his recommendation. I’m so glad I did! The Italian obsession continues!

Everything was excellent. It was super casual….just sit wherever you want. The prices were extremely reasonable. Score! We split a Caesar salad to start. It came with a basket of garlic bread. I managed to only eat one piece.

November 2011 005

We also split a pizza with onions and bell peppers.

November 2011 006

It was awesome! Great sauce, perfect amount of cheese and the crust was perfectly crispy! I’m so glad we discovered Sardina’s. It’s not super close to our house but I imagine we will be making their drive in the near future.

I made a quick trip to Target, picked the kids up from school and came home to get the laundry started. I need to start packing…..I’m going to the Foodbuzz Festival this weekend in San Francisco! I’m so excited!

What is your favorite cuisine?

Have you ever tried Michael Angelo’s products?


  1. I'm with you on loving Italian. Second only to Mexican. I think it's because I LOVE cheese.

  2. Oh, I'll have to google it and try that restaurant. It looks really good. I like little out of the way spots. A lot of time they really do have the best food.

  3. Yum I like Sardinas! It's right by my school and not too far from my house. I'd never go there either but my grad program sometimes has meet-ups there. I'm totally glad I found it!

  4. @Hallie
    I'm glad I found it too!!! We loved everything!

  5. I think my order would be Mexican, Italian, then Indian! Lucky you are going to Foodbuzz - have a ton of fun!

  6. I don't know if we can be friends anymore. Mexican is clearly so much better than any other food. It brings a tear to my eyes to think of Italian beating out Mexican.

  7. I love the Mediterranean region! Olive oil, hummus, feta, lemon chicken, pita and wine:-) Thanks for stopping by my blog. I adore yours! Food and fitness are my two hobbies! Great work!

  8. @Erica
    Oh no! What if I said that Italian and Mexican were tied in first place?? :)

  9. @*Girl From Scratch
    Love your blog too! Glad we discovered each other. :)


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