142.4…Chocolate and Wine

That was my dinner last night: chocolate and wine. And it was wonderful.


I did have a piece of bread with peanut butter before we left for trick or treating at our friend’s house but that was it. The kids had a blast and the parents did too!


Check out just one kid’s loot:

October 2011 447

You bet I had some of that! The peanut butter M&M’s are especially good. :)

Since last night’s dinner wasn’t very nutritious, I made sure to make breakfast healthy.

October 2011 452

Fage yogurt with strawberries and raspberries. The raspberries I bought at Costco yesterday rock. They have the best berries there!

I took the kids to school and then went to spin class. Then I paid bills and tried to get my desk organized. Eventually it was time for lunch. I made some tuna salad and added it to some lettuce that I tossed in balsamic vinaigrette.

October 2011 453

Excellent lunch! I had another peanut butter M&M’s afterwards. :)

Nothing else too exciting to report today. I picked the kids up from school and that’s that. All this Halloween business has left me tired….excited about going to bed tonight!

Where is your favorite place to buy fresh fruits and veggies?

Did you get any trick or treaters last night? Any good costumes?

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  1. Love your costume and love even more that you consider chocolate and wine a meal - it should be excusable at least once a week ;)

  2. no trick or treaters - i was so sad!! that is quite a little collection there. i'm a little jealous :)

  3. Fantastic costume! Favourite place to buy fruit and vegetables is the Borough markets, in London. They're just a five minute walk from our front door. They're outrageously good.


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