Never Ending Tower of Seafood

When my husband asked me if I wanted to go to dinner last night at Mastro's Ocean Club with a group of friends, my answer was "Duh!"

This is the second time I've been in less than a month! I started off with a glass of Chardonnay:

Our friend Dan decided to order a seafood tower. It arrived and I thought it was crazy big!

And then it just kept growing!

Wow!!! I couldn't see the people across the table from me! To be honest, I wasn't super hungry since I ate a late lunch but I powered my way through a lobster tail and a king crab leg.

I ordered a half wedge salad to start:

For my entree, I got the tuna tartare:

It was probably the best tuna tartare I've ever had. At one point in the evening, I look over at my husband's meal and realize it looks like the meal of a toddler. He doesn't eat fish or a lot of meat so he ordered chicken. He asked for them to remove the skin and bone and it came cut up into bite size pieces. He had a basket of fries and some potatoes au gratin. It looked like a mess:

He ate every bite. Good boy. :)

Someone at our table ordered that fabulous butter cake that we had last time. When they asked me if I'd have some, I couldn't say no!

We came back to the hotel and I slept like a baby. Nice!!

Hubby woke up before me this morning and went to get coffees. I had a nonfat vanilla latte and a half of this Odwalla bar for breakfast:

I've never had one of those bars was just ok. We laid around for awhile and watched a movie: the newer Karate Kid. It was ok...kinda cheesy but kinda cute too.

Hubby went to pick up his tux and I got dressed. I met him and some friends at the pool for lunch. Hubby and I split a cheeseburger and fries...check out the wheat bun. Yeah!

And a pizza with onions, peppers and mushrooms:

Then I did what anyone would do after eating pizza and a cheeseburger: took a glorious nap! Yes!!

It's time for me to hop into the shower...we have the rehearsal dinner to go to tonight! More food!

Are you attending/hosting a barbecue this weekend?