137.8… Sin City Baby!

I was already in vacation mode when I was making dinner last night so I poured myself a glass of wine:

September 2010 126

When I’m about to go on vacation, my mind goes into automatic “vacation mode” where more wine is good and fried food is even better. But I digress….

I pulled out more leftovers from the freezer (sorry to bore you!) entitled Mexican Chicken Casserole. I probably should start labeling where these recipes come from right?

September 2010 127 

I heated up some black beans and corn…Voila! Dinner!

For breakfast I rolled with an egg beater and Swiss cheese sammie on a sandwich thin. I also had some strawberries and blackberries on the side:

September 2010 128

I got dressed and all packed up and hit the road. Las Vegas here I come! We dropped off our car, checked in and stopped for a quick lunch. They had an organic sandwich place so I opted for a turkey and pepper jack cheese sandwich there:

September 2010 129

Hubby went with Baja Fresh. That started to sound good too so I shared some chips and guac with him:

September 2010 130

I love guacamole.

On the plane, I whipped out a free drink coupon and enjoyed some Chardonnay:

September 2010 131 

Our flight was quick and easy and we arrived at our hotel without any delay. Check out our digs!

September 2010 132

September 2010 133

I felt inspired by Tina when snapping pictures of our hotel room. She loves hotels as much as I do!  We dropped our bags and immediately went to tables for some blackjack fun! I scored another glass of wine along the way:

September 2010 134

Now it’s time to get ready for dinner….I love Vegas!

Do you like to gamble? If so…what’s your pleasure? I really like Caribbean Stud but I’m always told how bad the odds are.


  1. Love your digs and am jealous that you're in vegas - you go too much - no fair! :)

  2. I LOVE Vegas too! As for gambling? I love to when I have money to spend ;-)

  3. Have a great time in Vegas. I go into vacation mode early as well. ;-)


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