138.2....Yo! Fro Yo!

Happy Hump Day!!
I did not eat dinner last night….except for a few bites of challah. For whatever reason, that lunch at The Pantry yesterday really filled me up. That is unusual for me!
Breakfast this morning was a low fat waffle with peanut butter and a side of blackberries and strawberries:
September 2010 123
I took the kids to school and went to Zumba. Afterwards it was a quick shower and a quick lunch. I heated up some Amy’s minestrone soup:
September 2010 124
I hadn’t had that one before and as with any of Amy’s products, it was delicious! I loved the little curly pasta pieces in it. :)
Next it was off to my wax appointment. I had some time before I had to pick up my son, so I ran into Golden Spoon for some frozen yogurt:
September 2010 125
I had a combination of Cake Batter, Chocolate and Graham Cracker. Great combo! I picked up my son and then ran to the dry cleaner and grocery store.
Now it’s laundry time and make dinner time. More leftovers tonight. :) We are off to Vegas tomorrow so I need to get all packed up!
When you travel, do you make a packing list or do you just wing it?


  1. Always make a list. Even if I don't go my it entirely, I still think it helps me organize my mind around what I need.

  2. I always make a list! And your froyo looks yummo!


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