138.6....Bread Extravaganza!

I decided some comfort food was in order last night. I made a meat sauce for some spaghetti:

Instead of having the veggies on the side, I diced up some mushroom and zucchini and threw them into the sauce. I served it over whole wheat spaghetti:

For dessert we took the kids to Sweet Things for frozen yogurt.

I had a mixture of Fudgsicle, Cookies N Cream and Cake Batter. After we put the kids to bed, we watched the USC football game. Go Trojans! Too bad I only made it through the third quarter before I fell asleep. :)

Breakfast was an omelet made with egg beaters, spinach, onions, mushrooms and swiss cheese. I had some salsa on the side as well as some of my buttermilk wheat bread with some butter:

My son ended up eating most of my toast. Yes, it's good folks...make some!! After breakfast, I showered and relaxed for a bit. I've been meaning to make some more of my English Muffin bread for awhile now so that's exactly what I  did. I finally found my recipe! Here it is getting all mixed up!

Here are both loaves rising before going into the oven:

All done!

For lunch I decided to make a tuna sandwich using my buttermilk wheat bread:

I am really loving all this homemade bread!! On the way to my nail appointment, I had some more bread! The English Muffin bread with some Barney Butter:

After my nail appointment, I came home to get dinner ready. My sister in law and her family came over to swim and have dinner with us. I made my favorite stuffed shells:

Ready made garlic bread from the bakery department at the grocery store:

And a simple Caesar salad:

My plate:

My sister in law brought over a boysenberry pie. I put it in the oven for a bit to warm it up. I could not resist:

With some vanilla bean ice cream.....heaven. I'm not even a fruit pie fan but that was good!

Well, the weekend is over. Boo! My daughter finally starts school tomorrow....back to the early mornings!

Are you a morning or a night person?


  1. I think I'd give my right arm for a slice of the pie. I have never made homemade bread, I get easily intimidated with yeast.

  2. O, it all looks so good. Especially the boysenberry pie.

  3. Just found your blog and I think it's a great way for you to hold yourself accountable to your weight loss! Very brave, as well. Congrats and good luck! Enjoying the blog!


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