After the kids went to bed last night, I wanted a snack: peanut butter. I put some on a slice of wheat bread and was instantly happy:

My husband took my son to school today so I got ready leisurely and had breakfast. Egg beater burrito with cheddar cheese, spinach, onions and zucchini on a whole wheat tortilla:
I went to Zumba class and got a great workout! I picked up my husband and took him to the airport for a business trip (Las Vegas-not sure if you can really do work in Vegas or not but that's beside the point).

I was hungry for Quiznos for lunch so that's where I went. I haven't been in ages (I think they are WAY overpriced) but I love a certain sandwich:

Turkey Ranch Swiss on wheat. I ordered the small and could have eaten two of them easily but I restrained myself.
After lunch, it was the dry cleaners, gas and groceries. I picked up my son from school and came home for a snack:

Apple with peanut butter. :)

Sorry to do this to you but dinner was the same as yesterday:

The last of the cole slaw and more chili with onions. I loved every bite!

Hubby and I are going out of town this weekend for a wedding so I'm trying to get rid of all the leftovers. There's a little chili left...guess I'll have to freeze it. :)

What is your favorite sandwich chain? You know I love Subway but there's a chain here (San Diego) called Submarina which I love too.


  1. I really like D'Brians in Minneapolis, fresh sandwiches and soup. Yum!

  2. YUUUM - nothings beats the apple+PB combo =D


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