138.4……Carbing it Up!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday so far!!

Baseball lessons last night were not enjoyable. My son did not want to participate and my daughter didn’t want to be there. I got him to play a little in the end though. I took them to Pei Wei for dinner.  Sorry to bore you but I had my usual kid’s honey seared shrimp with brown rice and veggies:

September 2010 081

After a stressful day, I decided to have a glass of wine for dessert. It hit the spot!

September 2010 082

I put the kids to bed at 8, I read a little (almost finished with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) and was asleep at 9. Yeah, I’m a granny and I’m proud.

My son woke up this morning at his normal wake up time for school, except that on school mornings we have to wake him up…go figure. I brewed some coffee and read blogs and relaxed.  Breakfast was going to be a slice of my English Muffin bread but it had mold on it. Dang it. So I decided on a waffle with almond butter and the rest of the cantaloupe:

September 2010 083

I went to spin class. I was tired throughout the class but I’m glad I went. When we got home, I made the kids lunch. For my lunch, I decided on a tuna sandwich with Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and mustard. I also made a big salad on the side:

September 2010 084 

I ate my sandwich but I wasn’t feeling the salad. I ended up eating about half and calling it a day.  Then I put everything back in the freezer that I had taken out and put in my fridge. All better!!

I finally took a shower and started to get ready for tonight. It’s my friend Lauren’s birthday and we are celebrating in downtown San Diego. Lauren got a hotel room and everything. Yee haw!

Since I didn’t finish my lunch, I wanted a serious snack but I couldn’t decided what I was hungry for. After looking in the pantry for awhile I saw this:

September 2010 085

I received a coupon for a free Kraft Home-style Mac and Cheese so I picked it up. I’m not going to lie…..I have a secret obsession with the Velveeta type cheese sauce Mac & Cheese dinners. It is so rare that I eat them because I know it’s pure junk but today I made an exception.

September 2010 086

Of course I liked it. I don’t think it tasted much different than those other Kraft style dinners but it did the trick. And I didn’t eat the whole box….I’m so proud! :)

I have several things to do before I leave tonight: finish getting dressed, pack, empty the dishwasher, feed the kids dinner, get their pj’s on…..etc.

Did you eat Mac and Cheese in the blue box when growing up? Do you still? :)

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  1. Wine for dessert is great. I used to eat m&C but it HAD to be Kraft... no Prince for this girl!

  2. I always pretended to like it because my friends did, but I never really was a fun of mac and cheese.

  3. I think I'd like the mac and cheese too!

  4. I LOVE mac & cheese - would eat it every day if I could! Now i'm on an Annie's Mac & Cheese kick - so good!


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