139.6…Hot Wing Intervention

Ahhh…..Mondays. A day to start fresh, get things done and to remember to eat healthy….or so I thought.

Breakfast was an egg beater sandwich on a sandwich thin with swiss cheese, spinach and a side of strawberries:

September 2010 135

I dropped the kids off at school and continued on my quest for health at the gym. I went to both Cardio Muscle and Zumba classes. I didn’t think I was going to make it through Zumba but I powered through and was glad I stuck through it. I had a few minutes to clean up and grab a snack before I picked up my daughter from school. Another opportunity for health:

September 2010 136

For lunch, I thought Subway would be a good, quick option for I had a million errands to run and not a lot of time to do it:

September 2010 137

I picked up my son from school and came home to finish unpacking, putting things away and other random “after vacation” cleanup.

Our friends invited us and the kids to come over to go swimming. When my friend asked me if I’d like a glass of wine, I didn’t think to say no.

September 2010 138

A refreshing glass of white wine on a 100+ degree afternoon….why would you say no?

After swimming, we all went over to our club to watch some Monday Night Football.

And have another glass of wine.

And some of these bad boys:

September 2010 140

I mean….come on! They had a special for $.50 wings! I LOVE wings. How about some $2 tacos?

September 2010 141

I’ll have a shrimp and a carne asada taco please.

Now I need a crane to haul me to bed. Is there such thing as a hot wing intervention?

Spicy food…..yay or nay?


  1. your egg sandwich looks so good as do the wings!


  2. We went to our gym for Monday night football too. I couldn't say no to 2 free glasses of chardonnay, but it wasn't hard to pass on the free brats. I'd much rather have those yummy looking tacos you had!


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