137.2.... Hello from Laguna Niguel!

I am blogging from my hotel room bed in Laguna Niguel...it doesn't get any better than this!

Last night I decided to have a glass of red wine for dessert. What a great choice!

What a relaxing way to end the night!

I was up bright and early this morning to get dressed and have breakfast. I had two workouts ahead of me so I went with eggs....always the most filling thing for me. I cooked some egg beaters & salsa in the microwave and put it between a sandwich thin with a slice of low fat swiss cheese and spinach. I had some strawberries on the side:

I took my son to school and came home to put everything in my suitcase. I went to Cardio Muscle and Zumba classes. I felt really spent afterwards...completely drained.
I came home, loaded the car, grabbed a piece of leftover pizza and hit the road. I left early expecting a ton of traffic but didn't come across any!! I was suppose to pick up my husband at the airport in Orange County but his flight got delayed so I went straight to the hotel and checked in. I was starving by this time so I headed towards the hotel restaurant for a late lunch. I ran into my husband's friend Dan (he's the one getting married) and he invited me to go to lunch with him, his fiancee and some family.

We sat at the bar while we waited for everyone and had an appetizer....Lobster Tacos!

They were VERY small but FULL of fabulous flavor!! Once everyone arrived we made our way into the dining room. I ordered an iced tea which I thought was presented beautifully with a sugar cane stick in it!

The waiter found out that Jaime was getting married and brought all the ladies at the table pink roses.

Jaime suggested we get a few baskets of truffle fries for the table. Great idea!!

They were very addictive!! For my entree, I ordered the wild mushroom flatbread:

It was good but the lobster tacos were better. :) When I got back to the room, there was a welcome box from Dan & Jaime waiting for me:

What's this.....brownies???

Oh yes....the most fabulous tasting brownies ever!! They are from The Farm Restaurant in Beverly Hills. There are two HUGE brownies in that package. I managed to stop after breaking off about a quarter of one. You know by the end of this trip they will be gone!

So here I am, waiting for my husband to arrive (he's taking a cab). I broke open a bottle of Merlot. Here's my "office" where I am blogging from right now:

Ahhhh......I love hotel beds. :)

Not sure what's going on tonight yet. I'm excited about sleeping in tomorrow morning. No school, no kids, no alarm clock. :)

Any exciting Labor Day weekend plans?


  1. Have a great time! What a lovely meal you had, and those brownies...I admire your ability to eat only a nibble at a time!!!

  2. Thanks Kristen! Does it still count if I have a nibble every time I come into my hotel room? :)


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