Bunco was a blast last night. My friend Lauren hosted and her house looked so beautiful. I decided to pose outside in her beautiful backyard:

I didn't snap very many pictures....I was content just sitting and chatting and drinking with friends! I did get a picture of my dinner:

There's chicken marsala, Lauren's famous chicken and brown rice, spaghetti and salad with Goddess dressing. Why is that dressing so good by the way!?! Everything was so delicious...I went back for seconds. :) I also had an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie that did not get photographed. It went into my mouth too quickly. :) Although I had a great time, I was really excited to go to bed!

I still wasn't feeling 100% this morning when my alarm went off. I put on my sweats and took the kids to school. I had breakfast when I got home. I just wasn't hungry (shocker!!) before. That's when you know I'm not feeling great. Since I wasn't very hungry, I just had cereal:

Special K Cinnamon Pecan & Fiber One cereals with almond milk. Then it was off to Zumba. I actually felt better after the class. It felt good to get my body moving.

Lunch was Subway:

Turkey on wheat. :) Then the errands began: Target & Costco. I needed everything. My list was so long. Glad that's done. I picked up my son and now I'm planted on the couch. I think we are going to take the kids to Pei Wei for dinner and then I have Back To School Night at my daughter's school. Then my bed awaits.

Answer this question: "If I could have my dream job, it would be....."


  1. I want my own show on the travel channel!

  2. Hmm...it would either be professional food blog reader or wine taster. :-)

  3. I miss Bunco...once we moved last year, I no longer have a group to join!

    I would be a cookbook author, and continue staying at home with the kiddos:)

  4. In publishing - either a writer or editor or something!! It's a passion!

    hehe Love "I decided to pose in her beautiful backyard"!! great pic!


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