Viva Las Vegas!!

We just got home a little bit ago from Vegas. What a great trip! When I last left you, I was about to get ready for the big fight last night. Fight night outfit:

We had awesome seats by tons of boxers and celebrities!! We sat next to one of the undercards Eloy Perez who won his fight. Here I am with his title belt:

With the fighter himself:

Here I am with the boxer Hasim "The Rock" Rahman who was sitting a couple rows behind us:

With the rapper/song writer/producer Timbaland who was also sitting a few rows behind us:

The boxer Thomas "Hitman" Hearns was sitting one row in front of us:

Chris Brown sang the National Anthem:

The Mayweather/Mosely fight began:

It actually was a pretty boring fight to tell you the truth but I had a fun time anyway snapping tons of pics!

My buddy Oscar de la Hoya:

Me and "Turtle" from Entourage:

The boxer Chris Arreola and I:

After the fight, we met some friends at the Aria to gamble for awhile. By the time we got back to our hotel, it was after 1AM and I hadn't had dinner yet and was starving! We picked up Grand Luxe to go and I did not take any pictures. I attacked my food with much force....there was no time for pictures! I had some pizza and fries....the perfect late night food!

This morning we got packed up and hit the road for home. We stopped at Del Taco (hubby's favorite) along the way. This was a super Del Taco, I have to say! They had baskets of hot sauce on each table:

I love their Hot sauce!! Quesadilla, soft taco and regular taco:

I only eat fast food once or twice a year max. For the record, I don't count Subway as fast food. So I guess I got my it's time to get back to the healthier lifestyle right?? I'm really excited to workout tomorrow! We need to do our pushups tonight too!

We are about to gather the kids up and go get some dinner. I hope everyone had a great weekend!!
Question of the Day: Do you ever eat fast food? If so, what is your favorite spot? Mine is Taco Bell. :)


  1. My favorite fast food spot is In-N-Out, it's my weakness! Love all the pics! Looks like you guys had fun! You look very pretty in that dress! :)

  2. Wow, what a fun weekend! I have to admit, that I don't know anyone of the boxers, but I did recognize turtle. :-)

    Like you, I don't count Subway as fast food. I would say I only eat fast food a couple times per year, and my favorites are Rubios, and Wendy's.

  3. Wow - look at all those celebrites! And you managed to get pics with most of them!

    We don't eat much fast food - but if we do it's Subway, Quiznos, Jimmy Johns...the sub places.

  4. You look hot lady!! All your P90X is paying off :)

  5. What an awesome time!! You look great - can totally see lots of definition in your arms!!

    Love the pic of you and Turtle!

    Mine is Chick fil a or Subway!

  6. What a great weekend!

    If I eat fastfood, it would have to be Chik-Fil-A or maybe Wendy's for a Frosty. I don't each much fastfood either mostly because I don't really like it. There are so many better foods to enjoy out there!

  7. Remember when we hit Rubio's or Baja Fresh on the way to Vegas? That was a blast. I am still hoping you get too thin for that dress and pass it on to me. After all, I think I deserve it for surviving my first round of P90X under "Animal-issa" rule! You look steamin' as ever...wish I had flown in!


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