135.8 And Blogging From A Plane!!

Ok, maybe I'm a super geek but I'm crazy excited because I'm blogging from a plane. Yep....I'm on a Virgin America flight to San Francisco. I've never flown Virgin before so this is all new to me. Before we get overly excited...I need to go back where we left off yesterday...

I pulled some leftovers out of the freezer last night for dinner. Yep....it was one of those nights. Do you remember the Layered Fiesta Casserole?

I almost forgot how good this dish was. Layers of lasagna noodles and Mexican style ingredients. A good match if you ask me! :) Of course Cholula was involved. After we got the kids to bed, hubby and I did our hundredpushups.com. We are a little behind. We are having a hard time matching up our schedules lately. Anyhoo.....last night's tally was 81 push ups. What!?! The 81st push up killed me!!! :)

Ahhh....I've missed my sideways pictures so much!!! :) I felt like I need to load up for breakfast since I was going to do two back-to-back workout classes today. Egg white sammie on a light wheat English muffin with light swiss and a side of strawberries. I decided to add one of the Trader Joe's Blueberry Fiber Cakes too:

It turns out that the fiber cake put it over the top a bit. I saved the other half for later. :) I dropped the kids off at school and went to go kill myself in Cardio Muscle class and Zumba. We had the crazy substitute in Cardio Muscle again and I got my ass handed to me. Needles to say I was as exuberant in Zumba as usual.

After class, I stopped by Lisa's house to say hi....she has been hiding from me. Just kidding...she has been volunteering at her daughter's school doing photography (she is the best photographer ever btw) and I haven't seen her in a week I think! She was nice enough to give me some of our friend Lauren's chicken and brown rice. We covet this. Lauren...if you're reading this...can you make some more?? :)

When I got home, I decided to pile the chicken and rice onto a huge salad and drizzled it with balsamic vinegar:

Perfection. This salad actually kept me full for hours! A miracle, some might say! My lovely hubby and my two beautiful kiddos took me to the airport for my flight to San Francisco.

You know you scored the perfect hubby when he suggests you upgrade to first class. ;) I've never flown Virgin America before and he has (first class) so he thought I needed to experience it right. Nice!!

I checked it and parked myself at the bar. I had a glass of Chardonnay:

I read for awhile and decided to pick up a snack:

Why are Wheat Thins so good?

I boarded my flight and was promptly served a glass of wine:

Check out the crazy lighting in here!

Far out! After take off, there was more wine:


I've never had Pop Chips before. I get the hype. They are GOOD!!!! Why haven't I tried these before?? I haven't broken into the almonds yet...too busy typing. We are descending I think and I need to finish blogging!! :)

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers out there! And thanks to my fabulous husband who let me escape for a couple of days with some friends! I'm truly a lucky mom!!


  1. 81 push ups?! Geez - that's awesome!

    I love in-flight wifi!!!

    Happy Mother's day - hop you have a wonderful day!!

  2. I think you meant to say "I HAVE a little behind", not "We ARE a little behind (in the pushups.com video)" Tee-hee-hee! Seriously, I am sincere when I call you skinny b*tch, except about the b*tch part. You're one of the nicest people I have ever met. That's why I let you hang out with me! And once I finish this freakin' slidshow for the PTO, I am going to toast you with my bucket of VODKA!!! ARGH! I am sooo jealous you are in SF right now with your "other" girlies...have a blast!!

  3. Happy Mother's Day Melissa! I LOVE SF, so I can't wait to hear about your weekend shenanigans. Have so.much.fun!

  4. Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day!

  5. are you ever home with your kids? it saddens me that none of your entries involve you interacting with your children except when youre dropping them off and picking them up at school. who watches them when you and your husband play "young couple without any committments" and go party? its mothers day tomorrow and youre out with your girlfriends and NOT your kids. sad.

  6. Amber Elizabeth: I appreciate your concern but want you to understand that I write this blog primarily about food and exercise. I purposely do not mention my children often nor any information about them or my family. I am keeping them and any information about them private. I will be home in an hour and em excited about the lovely day we have planned for Mothers Day. Thank you for reading the blog.

  7. Hi Amber Elizabeth! I like how you have no problem publicly criticizing Melissa whilst keeping your own personal profile and photo private. But what I like even more is your incredible presumption/intimation that Melissa isn’t a world class Mom . Do you spend a lot of your time constantly erecting these baroque palaces of supposition? Or are you being an asshole, just this once? I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.

    Amber, I’m a personal friend of Melissa and her kick-ass husband, and her wonderful children. No need to waste anyone’s time talking about what an exceptional mother Melissa is; because to all of us in her life, and particularly to her children…she’s about as good as it gets. In fact, last week I heard her little man say, “Mom…you complete me.” But I digress.

    Amber, I'm going to follow your lead and do some presuming of my own.

    You….are…a spy! Am I right? Come on, you can tell us, Amber! I promise we’ll keep it secret. Just like your private profile and non-existent profile photo. You are a covert blog operative, and deep undercover. Trolling the internet in an eternal effort to weed out the bad mommies! That’s why you’re using the stripper name, right? Kind of like your nom de plume for being a jackass.

    Oh, wait! Maybe you aren’t an undercover blogerative (wow, cool…I just created a new word - a hybrid between operative and blogger). Yay for me. But….back to you. Maybe you aren’t a spy. Maybe you’re just a nattering nabob of negativism. Or maybe you’re just projecting? Or maybe you just can’t stand how entirely amazing and beautiful Melissa is. The landscape of possibilities is endless.

    Oh…and I won’t bother questioning your grammar skills. I’m sure you just forgot that there’s supposed to be an apostrophe in the middle of “you’re”. But Amber…you are awesome. I love you to death…cuz you’re just so damn cute. Oh…snap. I just lied.


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