Hello from Pebble Beach!

Greetings from Pebble Beach!!!! We finally made it here yesterday after 11 hours in the car! It's not supposed to take that long but we took the long, scenic route and stopped a few times. We were very glad when we pulled up at our hotel last night, let me tell you!!! Before we move on, we need to go back......

Thursday night was Ladies Night at Pacifica Del Mar. The view from their outdoor patio is incredible....all ocean. The food is equally incredible! Our waiter was kind enough to inform us that it was half price for bottles of wine. So of course I had to order one! Fortunately, one of my friends was kind enough to help share it with me. :)

My friend Dina and I decided to split the calamari:

It was really good calamari! For my entree I choose the Pan Roasted New Zealand Seabass (soy glaze, sticky rice, bok choy, green coconut curry sauce):

Loved. it. The coconut curry sauce was so delicious!!! Dina wanted some chocolate so I could not let her eat it alone of course!!

Chocolate cake with ice cream. Ahhhhhh....I love chocolate! We had tons of fun laughing and eating delicious food. If you're ever in San Diego, make sure to check out Pacifica...you won't be disappointed!!

Friday morning, I got dressed, packed up and grabbed breakfast to go: peanut butter sandwich and some cantaloupe and then we hit the road!

We stopped in Los Angeles to visit a friend and then got back on the road. We wanted to take the scenic route so we drove up the coast and stopped in Malibu at Geoffrey's for lunch. This place also has amazing views!!

Along with my standard glass of wine, I had the Spicy Shrimp Salad for lunch:

The hubby ordered a side of fries with his lunch and I might have stolen some of those. :) We got back on the road and drove for awhile until I decided it was time for some "wake up juice":

I guess it didn't work because I fell asleep anyway. The hubby was a good sport...I only drove for 2 of those hours. ;) The ride was beautiful though....we took the Pacific Coast Highway for most of the way. We drove past the grounds of Hearst Castle and saw the zebra they have there just grazing in the grass. It was such a sight! Sorry no pictures....at that point, we didn't want to stop anymore. :)

We finally arrived at the hotel around 6:30PM and checked it. We are here on some golf package sponsored by American Express so after we cleaned up, we went to our welcome cocktail reception. I had the usual:

They had a nice buffet of shrimp cocktail (I had a couple), cheeses, crackers and a great pasta bar! I had to sample all of them!

They had the most delicious rack of lamb with a garlic au jus:

And these crazy ginormous cookies! There were about 5 different kinds and I had a hard time choosing but I went with the standard chocolate chip:

I wanted to try them all but I would have either felt bad about wasting bits of cookies or made myself sick by eating them all. Glad I resisted. Afterwards, we were really tired and just came back to the room and went to sleep. We are old. :)

This morning, they had a nice Continental breakfast set up for us.

I had scrambled eggs, a bagel with lox and some coffee. I also had an unpictured bran muffin. Hubby went to a golf clinic and now I'm finishing getting dressed to meet him for his tee time. The course at Pebble Beach is so beautiful that I decided to walk it with him. He's trying to convince me to be his caddy....we'll see! :)


  1. Looks like a great start to the weekend so far! I definitely have Pacifica Del Mar on my list for this summer.
    We were going to go to Hawaii in the fall, but seeing how it is getting tougher to fly with a baby that won't sit still, I think we might just spend an extra week or two in Del Mar/La Jolla. Can't wait!

  2. PS-Our usual favorite in Del Mar is Sbicca. Have you been there? Which do you like better?


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