Bunco was at Lisa's house last night. She did a fabulous job, of course! Her theme was "May Flowers" and she had beautiful flowers everywhere!

For my appetizer, I brought a warm crab dip. I served it with Triscuits and it was quite excellent if I do say so myself!

You must make this....it's so easy!!
Crab Dip:
1 lb. cooked crab meat (the Chicken By The Sea tub of Super Lump crab meat sold at Costco is the best!)
3/4 cup mayonnaise
6 green onions, minced
1 cup cheddar cheese, grated
1/4 cup Paremsan Reggiano, grated
Freshly ground pepper
Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Combine all ingredients and bake for 25 minutes. I broiled it for about 3 minutes after so the top would be bubbly and brown.
There was lots of great wine:

Everyone brought so many delicious things!

I had some of Lauren's brown rice & chicken (you know I love this!), Lisa's penne with meat sauce (so good!), some delicious meatballs and a fabulous broccoli salad. After I took this picture, someone else showed up with Pei Wei's Crab Wontons. I had a couple....how could I resist!?! I didn't take a picture of dessert either. Lisa made her famous brownies and her even more famous (in my opinion) cupcakes. I had one brownie and two mini cupcakes. I just popped em in my mouth...no time for a picture. :) Delicious!!!

I decided to bust out a new product that I sampled a couple of weeks ago:

All Bran Bran Buds....these little guys are crunchy! I put them on some plain non fat yogurt and berries:

I took the kids to school and had to go to my last room mom meeting for the year. We met at a coffee house and I had a non fat vanilla latte while catching up with some friends. I came home and went for 3.1 mile run. It was fabulous!!! I haven't run that far in awhile and it felt good! I can still feel the burn in my lungs.

Lunch was Trader Joe's Black Bean and Corn Enchiladas with a big salad:

Those enchiladas were pretty good. They are wheat and dairy free but the sauce was so decadent that you didn't miss any cheese!!
I'm pooped out from all this activity but I have one more dinner to get through tonight. :) My sister in law has been working in San Diego during the week for the past few months and we try to go out to dinner once a week. This is her last week of work here, hence our last dinner.
I hope everyone has a great evening!!
What is your very favorite restaurant? Mine would have to be Firenze, and Italian restaurant near our house.


  1. I have a weakness for sushi..sushi restaurants are ALWAYS my favorite!

  2. OMGoodness...I polished off the rest of that HEAVENLY crab dip that you left for me with some Wheat Thins for brunch. INSANE!!! It's my new favorite thing that you make!

    So glad you had a fun time last night...I had a blast, and I only gained 1/2 lb., so I am happy. Such yummy dishes! Pot-luck gatherings are the way to go!

    My fave place to eat is PFCHangs/Pei Wei. Love that Honey Seared Chicken!!!

  3. That dip sounds awesome, and I don't even like cheese! I can't pick a favorite restaurat, but I really like El Indio for greasy Mexican, Ruth's Chris for a splurge steak dinner, and all of the Cohn restaurants here in town. It's my goal to visit every one and I'm almost there!


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