Pebble Beach Part Two!

When I last left you yesterday, I was able to head out to the golf course. Turns out that I didn't have to be my husband's caddy after all! American Express provided one for us as well as this awesome boxed lunch:

It contained a roast beef sandwich with grilled onions, pepper jack cheese, horseradish aoli and lettuce on ciabatta bread. Also in the box was penne pasta salad with grilled veggies and sun dried tomato vinaigrette AND a bag of chips, an apple and a lemon bar. Whew! I ate half of the sandwich and some of the chips and saved the rest for the course. It also turned out that we received complimentary food and beverage on the course as well. I decided to use that to my advantage and sip on a bloody mary:

I have this new cool app on my iphone that takes the coolest looking pictures. Check out my bloody mary:

Look at the beautiful view from the Pebble Beach golf course:

Check out the photo's the same view as the photo above. :)

There were sea lions (the white things in the picture) on the rocks:

It was pretty windy out and started to get very cold. I had some hot tea:

Hubby and I on the 18th green:

Check out all the birds!

As beautiful as the course was, I was ready for it to end. It took six hours for us to get through it (it's supposed to take 4 1/2 hours) and I was freezing. My toes were numb. We went back to our room and quickly changed and went to our dinner. We missed the cocktail hour, but no worries....there was plenty of wine:

I love my new app!

The first course was an angel hair pasta with a mushroom cream sauce:

It was really good! I wish that had been the entree! I wanted more! Next was a salad of mixed greens, beets and goat cheese drizzled with a balsamic vinaigrette:

Our entree was filet mignon and mahi mahi:

I was really full by this point so I had a few bites of each. But I wasn't to full for dessert....

I do not remember what that thing was was chocolate with a cream center and raspberries with a raspberry sauce. It was yummy! After dinner we went to the bar with some friends we had met but didn't last too long. The bed was calling!! :)

This morning we had another complimentary Continental breakfast:

This time I went with a half of a bagel with cream cheese, one blueberry pancake and this croissant with eggs. I just ate the eggs out of it. And coffee of course!
Hubby has another round of golf today. I opted out. It's too cold. I decided it was the perfect weather for a run though! I consulted the concierge at the hotel and found a nice path along the ocean to use. I decided to alternate running and walking. I'd run for one song on my iphone and then walk when another song came on and just repeated this for about an hour and 40 minutes. It was awesome! After all this decadent food lately, I need to keep moving!!
I need to check out of my room shortly so I'm going to have lunch and read in the lobby until the hubby is done with golf. Then we hit the road for Santa Barbara for two nights! Excited!!
I'm going to miss Pebble Beach for sure. The hubby and I try to come here every year. We've come twice with kids and twice without. Even though the weather here is not for me, it's still a special place for me. It's so beautiful and we always have an amazing time here. It's completely relaxing and wonderful....even if you don't play golf like me. :)

Do you play golf? I never have....I tried hitting the ball once with the golf club and missed so I decided it wasn't for me. :)


  1. It looks beautiful there, and you've had some amazing food as well. Good job on the long run/walk!

    I do not golf either and am one of the few here in Scottsdale.


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