Sorry for my absence yesterday! We took the family to Los Angeles yesterday and we left earlier than I had planned so I ran out of time to post. Let's get right to it shall we?

Friday evening, I finished off the Progresso Light soup that I had the fridge:

I poured myself a glass of wine:

I decided to keep things simple and make spaghetti for dinner. Whole wheat spaghetti, marinara and some veggies hit the spot:

I had a fabulous sleep...yeah!!! In the morning, I hopped in the shower right away and got ready to go. I had a really yummy breakfast: Egg white sandwich on a light wheat English muffin. I put Dijon mustard and spinach on it too. What a great combo!! I had a bowl of berries on the side:

I got everyone packed up and we hit the road. We were going to Los Angeles for my mom's 70th birthday dinner that hubby and I as well as my brother and his wife were hosting.

We were trying to find a quick place for lunch before the kiddos went crazy and we saw Denny's so we stopped. I used to go there with my family when we traveled together when I was little. I remember it being more tasty back then though. :( I started with a salad:

I ordered the grilled chicken sandwich and decided to roll with the spicy fries.

I ate some of them (they were good) and gave the rest to the hubby. We checked in our hotel and hubby's brother and his daughter came over to go swimming with the kids.

We got cleaned up and hubby's sister came by to pick up our kids (they were going to have a sleep over over there with their cousins). Then hubby and I were off to Celestino's Italian Restaurant in Pasadena to celebrate my mom's birthday!

There was wine:

Those are my parents in the upper left corner. :)

There was champagne:

I went with the Beef Carpaccio for my appetizer:

For my entree I went with the Penne with Proscuitto and Vodka Sauce although I switched the penne for linguine:

It was SO delicious. I ate EVERY bite. Love.

After all that vino, things were getting a little crazy. :) I put on my mom's glasses and posed for the camera. :)

I had the tiramisu for dessert....I wasn't super impressed with this tiramisu...it wasn't anything special.

There was some live music in the private room next door so my dad and I decided to make use of it! :)

Getting nuts. :)

In love:

We have had that champagne at our home for awhile and decided my mom's birthday was the appropriate time to bring it out. :)

We all came back to my parent's house to open gifts. We all had such a fun time!!

That's my parent's dog Oliver. He had fun too!!! Hubby and I went back to our hotel and crashed. We got up this morning, packed up and checked out of the hotel and went to go pick up our kids from their sleep over. They had a ball!! My sister in law was just getting breakfast ready so we stayed. I forgot my camera in the car but I had a cheese bagel and a few mini chicken sausages. We piled the kids in the car and headed home!

When we got home, my son was supposed to go with my husband and some friends to the Padres baseball game but he didn't want to (??) so my husband took my daughter instead. After they left, I decided that a good workout was in order after all that food so we packed a lunch, my son hopped in the jogging stroller and away we went! We walked a little over an hour, up and down hills. It was a great workout! We ended up at a park near our house where we had a picnic. My son played for a bit and then we walked back home. Here's my picnic eats:

Peanut butter sandwich, carrots, hummus and an unpictured apple. YUM!!! That's about it folks!
What was your favorite childhood restaurant? Mine was definitely Denny's. My dad and I share the SAME birthday and we'd go when they used to have the "free meal on your birthday" deal. :)


  1. What a great birthday celebration! I love fun family times like that.

    My favorite childhood restaurant was Baker's Square (? not sure if they still exist) and Perkins. haha Neither of which we went to often, as my parents like to go to little "mom and pop" bar/grill type places.

  2. What a great time!! Look at little Oliver - how sweet!

    My favorite is Hunan's chinese restraunt in a small town in Alabama. I wanted to go there for everything (birthdays, graduations, bad days, etc.) and was obsessed with their house special fried rice!


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