Last night we took the family to Elephant Bar. I had a glass of vino:

I decided to split a couple of things with the hubby....Shanghai Cashew Chicken:

Garlic Chicken Noodles:

Here's my plate....I had mine with brown rice:

Wow...that was some serious salty food. I don't know what we were thinking ordering Chinese style food at the Elephant Bar but it didn't work out so well. Oh well....you live and you learn.

Their special $2.95 brownie sundae was good though. :)

I slept like a rock last night. And woke up feeling not so hot. :( I thought I was just still tired and tried to power through.

Breakfast was an egg beater sandwich on a light wheat English muffin with light swiss and a side of cantaloupe. I tried the Dijon mustard and spinach with the egg beaters and liked it as well as with the egg whites. Yum!!

After taking the kids to school, I did my normal Cardio Muscle & Zumba classes. It was rough to get through both but I managed it. On the way to lunch, I saw this on my odometer:

Who else gets excited about stuff like this? :) Or am I just a nerd? :)

I went to Subway quickly for lunch:

I picked up the kids from school and came home and laid down for a few hours. I'm either coming down with something or just really exhausted. I'm cold and achy. Yuck.

Hubby suggested we go out to a quick dinner. That sounded much easier than cooking. We went to the OG (aka Olive Garden). I guess we've been kicking it old school style lately!

I really felt like some red wine. It sounded so warm and comforting:


I had the Linguine all Marinara with the whole wheat pasta:

This is my first time having their whole wheat pasta. I liked it better than the regular pasta...I find the regular pasta a little slimy sometimes and the whole wheat had a little more bite to it. I also may have had an unpictured bread stick. :)

That's it folks. It's Nyquil time.


  1. Oh no, hope you aren't coming down with a bug. Get well vibes coming your way.

    I didn't know OG had ww pasta!

  2. Feel better! And I also love items like the 44,444 :)


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