I'm feeling a little better today so that's good! I love Nyquil!! Breakfast this morning was Fage yogurt with Fiber One cereal and tons of berries:

After taking the kids to school, I went to Great News for a cooking class. :) I had some extra time before class started (it was a shorter class today) so I stopped by Starbucks to do some work. I had some tea and a Fiber One bar:

Today's class was entitled: Pepper It Up! Today's class was a shorter "lunch" class so we are served everything at once. On the menu today: Oven-Fried Buffalo Chicken Supremes with Blue Cheese Sauce, Chipotle Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Sauteed Spinach with Shallots and Black Pepper:

Everything was delicious!!! The chicken was crispy and I loved the blue cheese sauce. The mashed potatoes were creamy and had a little kick and they tasted great with the spinach.

Dessert was Raspberry Swirl Double Chocolate Torte with Ice Cream:

Delicious. Fudgey. Yumminess. Enough said.
I picked up my son from school and came home. I wanted to do some sort of workout today so I decided to do the Kenpo video from P90X with Lisa. It was like old times!! :) Ok, folks....sorry to post and run but I gotta get dinner going.
Do you have a favorite workout video(s)? I used to LOVE the Firm workout videos!


  1. Yes, it was like old times. And my butt and abs are starting to LOOK like old times, so I am thankful that you did the vid with me, and got me back into gear! I am also happy that your 20 lb. weights are at your house again, instead of sitting in my garage MOCKING ME! I'd lift more weight if it wasn't so darn HEAVY!

    You rock out those 15-pounders at your cardio class just to tick everybody off? Seriously impressive, "ANIMAL-ISSA"! I will sit here and pump my 5 lb. weights while I watch American Idol. At least there will be music!

  2. BTW, my "word verification" just now for the above post was POLETEAR. How does Google know this stuff??!!


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