I kept last night's dinner simple and healthy since lunch was so decadent! :) We had Trader Joe's Orange Chicken, brown rice and broccoli:

Since the kids were off again from school today, I had some extra time this morning so I made a veggie omelet (broccoli, spinach, onions, tomatoes and slice of swiss cheese) with a bagel thin:

Since we are going to be out of town, I'm trying to use up all our fresh produce. I went to Zumba and it kinda kicked my butt today. I'm still not 100% so maybe I was pushing myself too much? Well, good thing it's vacation time right? :)

I came home, showered and made another "clean out the fridge" lunch: tuna salad with mixed greens, spinach, tomatoes, shredded carrots, cucumber and balsamic vinegar:

I've been chilling at home, getting packed for our trip tomorrow, putting laundry away, etc. I have our monthly Ladies Night tonight so you'll have to wait to hear all about it once I get to Pebble Beach. We are leaving in the morning....I can't remember how long the drive is....8 hours? I love driving trips so all is well.
Do you prefer to fly or drive? I like both! I just like to travel in general....plane, train or automobile! :)


  1. I would much rather fly, driving in the car gets old!

  2. I've still yet to try that orange chicken! grrr

    I would rather fly - I get so antsy in the car!


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