Another fabulous sleep last night....love that!!! Breakfast this morning was plain non fat yogurt with Fiber One cereal, blackberries and strawberries:

I took the kids to school and made my way over to Great News for a cooking class. YES! Today's class was entitled "Napa Valley Cooking." Here is my favorite instructor, Phillis Carey, hard at work:

That is an action shot of her adding copious amounts of butter to a dish. Go Phillis!! :)

The first recipe was Mussels in a Saffron and White Wine Sauce:

What's not to like? Garlic broth and some bread to dip it in....oh yeah and mussels too. :)

Next up was Halibut with Tiny Green Beans, Scallions, White Wine, Tomato and Caper Sauce:

The sauce made this dish! It would be great on chicken too.

Third was Panko Crusted Chicken Breast Bundles with Goat Cheese, Basil Filling and Mushroom White Wine Sauce:

Again...the sauce was excellent and I loved the goat cheese in the chicken.

The next recipe was Beef Medallions with Shallot Red Wine Sauce and Mashed Potatoes:

The meat was super tender!

Dessert was Berry Topped Puff Pastry Triangles with Orange Muscat Cream:

This was very light and refreshing. I love all things puffed pastry and this didn't disappoint. The orange flavored cream inside was delicious!

Nothing too crazy went on the rest of the afternoon....I got my nails done and now I'm home trying to get through my to-do list before I leave on my trip tomorrow evening to San Francisco. I would like to squeeze in a work out but I have to let my toes dry. Priorities right?
Question of the Day: When you're out and need to grab a healthy lunch, where do you go and what do you order? As you know, I always end up at Subway but a girl needs options. I need some new ideas! :)


  1. I'm a Subway fan too (I love sandwiches.) Another thing I used to get a lot was Baja Fresh. I like that there stuff is all grilled and not fried.
    The halibut from your cooking class looks to die for.

  2. The cooking class looks like it was fun and filled with great food!

    I usually grab a rice bowl with veggies or a sandwich if I eat out for lunch.

  3. I usually find a decent salad unless I would be grabbing Subway. I'm not much for eating out on the go- I don't there's many good options out there.

  4. That class looks like a really fun one! Do you learn a lot from them as well, or is it more just for fun and yumminess? As far as healthy options...let's see...I'd say if you're over Subway, try the HealthMex menu at Rubios. But if I'm just anywhere for lunch, I usually go with a turkey sandwich or wrap on wheat if possible...no cheese or dressing, but avocado if they have it (healthy fat, right?). With salad or fruit on the side.

  5. Great ideas everyone! Thanks! Hallie....I go to class for all those reasons: I definitely learn stuff, I get great recipes and I love to eat! :)


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