Hello from Santa Barbara!

After my run/walk yesterday in Pebble Beach, I grabbed one of these bars (the snacks were complimentary in the room):

I changed and checked out of the room and went to lunch at Sticks, the golf restaurant at Spanish Bay...that's the hotel we stayed at by the way. We stay there every time we go to Pebble Beach and love it! The rooms are beautiful, the snacks and drinks (not alcohol) are complimentary and the service there is top notch. But I digress....

I had a glass of wine with lunch. To quote Tina from Carrots N Cake, I've been such a "boozy face" lately! I need to call it quits for awhile when I get home!

I ordered the Mediterranean Salmon salad with the dressing on the side. It had goat cheese, kalamata olives, mixed greens and croutons which I pushed to the side.

I ate every bite. It was an amazing salad!! I went back to the hotel lobby and had some coffee and read for awhile until the hubby got back from golf.

We packed up the car and hit the road for Santa Barbara. I had a bag of pretzels along the way:

The hubby drove for a little bit but I drove the rest of the way. It took about 4 hours. We were hungry by the time we got into Santa Barbara so we stopped at Carlito's (our current hotel's recommendation) for some Mexican food. I had a few chips and salsa but the salsa wasn't that good.

I ordered the seafood enchiladas for my entree. They were filled with tiny shrimp and tiny scallops.

It kinda looks like a mess huh? That's kinda how it tasted. :( Bleh. I got my food about 10 minutes before the hubby so they compensated us with a free dessert. How could we say no? We choose the Spicy Apple Cake with Dulce de Leche ice cream:

The dessert was much better than the actual food! :) We went to our hotel, checked it and went to sleep. I think it was around 11PM by the time we got into bed. I was pooped....driving takes a lot out of you! :)

We decided to order room service for breakfast this morning. I ordered the egg white omelet which had cheddar cheese and spinach with a side of dry wheat toast and lots of coffee:

We spent the next hour laying in bed, watching tv and being completely lazy. Then it was gym time. I decided to do Gina's Day 1 of her new Summer Shape Up plan. Thanks Gina! After the weights portion, I ran two miles on the treadmill in 20 minutes. That's a good time for me. It wasn't easy by any means but I wasn't dying. I felt great afterwards!

I came back to the room, changed into my bathing suit and hubby and I hit the jacuzzi. It felt amazing! After awhile, I went back to the room to change (again) and bring the hubby a shirt so we could have lunch.

We decided to stay at the hotel so we went to their restaurant. I had a warm, wonderful roll with a little butter:

Tuna Tartare (one of my favorite things ever):

I loved this tuna tartare. It was basic and simple and focused on the tuna. A lot of times I order this, it's full of tons of other stuff (mango, avocado, etc) which is fine in moderation but normally it takes over the tuna and doesn't leave a lot of the good stuff to eat! So this tuna tartare was a winner in my book!

I rolled with their veggie and goat cheese pizza for my entree. Look how big it is! The hubby was nice enough to help me out with it. :)

It was excellent! The crust was crazy thin....almost like a tortilla. Check out our view during lunch:

When my husband asked me if I had any room left for some creme brulee, of course the answer was yes!

The happy (and full!) couple:

My husband went back to the pool and I came back to the room to shower. So I've just been relaxing, reading blogs and watching tv. We are going to leave for dinner in about an hour and then tomorrow we are going to hit the road for home after breakfast. Wednesday morning, we fly with the kids to Austin, Texas to visit family. I'm looking forward to it!!


  1. That salmon salad looks fabulous! I love how filling it looks, but flavorful! I was thinking of trying the shape up too!! (mostly because I too have been quite a boozy face and my scale is totally agreeing!)


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