I didn't want to look at what I weigh.

There was NO way I was going to get on the scale this morning. Not a chance in hell. Why? Besides cooking class yesterday, Firenze was soooooo good but OH So evil! I started my meal with the chopped Caesar salad which I split with the hubby:
Our friend choose a fabulous bottle of syrah for us to share. It was fabulous. My entree was my current favorite: Calamari Marinara....extra spicy style! :)

Everyone decided to get dessert so of course I had to have some. Chocolate lava cake goodness:

I went to sleep smiling in a food coma.
Breakfast was my Fage concoction with blackberries AND strawberries today:

I dropped the kids at school and went to Zumba class. Today was our day off from P90X but I felt that I really needed some extra calorie burn (DUH!). Class was really fun today although it wasn't as intense as the first time I went. I think I'll go again tomorrow as well. We start week 4 (can you believe it!?!) of P90X tomorrow but it's recovery week so it should be less intense than the previous weeks.

After class I made a wrap with a wheat tortilla, turkey, spinach, carrots, cucumber, tomato and mustard with a pickle on the side:

Then I paid bills, and piddled around the house for a bit until it was time to go our club's cooking class. Yes.....another cooking class. Today's topic was Techniques on French Cooking. We started off with a Kir Royal:

Next up was Chilled Spring Pea Soup:

I'm not a huge fan of chilled soups but this one was amazing!!!
I had some Cabernet:

The next recipe was Salad Nicoise:

The vinaigrette was a tarragon vinaigrette and it was fabulous!!! Those little eggs are quail eggs...I don't think I've had those before. They tasted like regular eggs to me.
Next was Sole "Almandine":

Very good!! A little buttery for me but fresh tasting nonetheless.

Next was Beef "Bourguignon":

So freaking delicious. They served it with a puree of parsnips. I think parsnips are a little too sweet for my liking.

Speaking of sweet...dessert was Chocolate Souffle:

Ah.........could anything be better!?!

Yes...I really need to go to Zumba tomorrow. Enough is enough folks.....back to basic, healthy foods. Don't be expecting to see any more souffles on here for awhile. It's time to get serious again!


  1. I never weigh myself after I've had alcohol the day before...it puffs me up like no other! That food sure looks good though. One of these days I AM going to splurge on a Great News class. Unfortunately the best ones seem to be on weekdays when I work...might have to catch that 24-hr flu or something ;-)

  2. oh wow - all of the food pics look great!! Especially that calamari pasta!


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