I had such a great time at our "Belated Valentine's Day" dinner last night! And I stayed pretty healthy! More on that in a moment....

I had a couple of snacks yesterday afternoon to hold me over until dinner. The first was some Better N Peanut Butter on a toasted sandwich thin:

And right before we left I had the rest of the Progresso light soup in my new heart bowl. Yeah, I finally got to use it!

We went to Flemmings Steakhouse in La Jolla. I hadn't been in years so I was really excited to go!
I started with a glass of Syrah (I only had one glass of wine!) and the shrimp cocktail:

It was served on top of a vegetable relish and the whole thing was so delicious!

Our fabulous waiter, Brian, was nice enough to snap our picture:

For my entree I choose the smaller version of their "Tuna Mignon". Love the name!! It was served with a tomato sherry vinaigrette and a side of asparagus:

It was amazing. I loved it!!! Our waiter, Brian, saw me snapping food pictures so I felt that I needed to tell him that I wrote a food blog. He got very excited and asked me all sorts of questions about it. That was nice because usually people look at me like I'm crazy. :) After a few minutes, Brian showed up with some complimentary truffles!

Of course I had to try them! Hubby and I split one of each. Nom Nom!! Hubby ordered our favorite thing for dessert: Chocolate Lava Cake. I had a couple of bites of his and it was beyond fabulous. I was proud that I was able to stop myself from eating more!

My dessert was a trio of sorbets and I loved every bite!

The meal was delicious and very relaxing. I'm glad we didn't go out on the actual Valentine's day....the restaurant was quieter and it just made for a nice, quiet meal alone with my husband.

I busted out the heart bowl again for breakfast this morning. I had Fage yogurt with Fiber One cereal, strawberries and raspberries.

After taking the kids to school, I went over to Lisa's house for P90X. Today's video was Kenpo. I got a good sweat going and ended up burning about 450 calories. Nice!!

I came home and started preparing the appetizer that I'm bringing to tonight's Bunco. I'm making a recipe that I got from a cooking class about a year ago on "Restaurant Recipes." The one I'm making is Cheesecake Factory's Avocado Egg rolls and Dipping Sauce. MMMMM.......I made the dipping sauce first.
Next up was lunch. Same thing as yesterday: turkey wrap and soup. Gotta keep the points low to save up for tonight! I want an egg roll (or 2......).

After lunch I hopped into the shower. In between getting ready, I made the avocado filling for the egg rolls and rolled them up and popped them into the fridge. Now all I have left to do is to fry them. I've never made egg rolls before so I hope they come out ok!!! So this is where I must leave you....I need to finish getting dressed and fry up them egg rolls!!


  1. Mmmm...we love Flemings. We have two of them pretty close to our house. They have such great service. I've never had the tuna mignon, but it looks like something I would love!

  2. Love your top! so gorgeous. What a delicious meal :)

  3. Those truffles look so good, making me want chocolate at 8am!

  4. I love that heart bowl!! so cute :) happy late valentines day to you and your sweetie!!


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