Since I wasn't hungry last night, I just went with Progesso light soup and a piece of wheat toast:

Then I pleasantly woke up to this:

(Lame sideways picture!) Anyhow....wow! My lowest weight EVER. It made my day for sure. It just so happened to be my Weight Watcher "weigh in" online today too.....so I have definitely made my goal! Now I have to decide if I'm happy here or if I want to lose a couple more pounds. I've never been in this position before where I have to decide if I'm finished losing weight or not! Not a bad place to be, I have to say!

Breakfast was egg beaters mixed with a Laughing Cow garlic & herbs wedge on a toasted Bagel Thin with a side of cantaloupe.

I loved the garlic and herb cheese in this!

I took the kids to school and went right over to Lisa's for my least favorite P90X video: Plyometrics. Ugh. I never seem to remember just how hard it is. I did end up burning 600 calories doing it!! Not sure why it was higher than normal today but I'll go with it. It really kicked my butt though!

Lunch was a turkey sandwich from Subway:

Then I went over to my son's class because I had volunteered to read to them. I was pretty nervous actually....I haven't read in front of 18 four year olds before!! I read for twenty minutes and they seemed to like it. :)

After picking up my daughter and bringing them both home, I went out for a quick treat: frozen yogurt!

I decided to have a celebratory glass of chardonnay to celebrate my weight loss victory. Check out the beautiful flowers my hubby and kids bought me! When my husband was younger, they would all buy flowers for their mom every Friday. He liked the tradition at his home so he's trying to start it here. So cute!

I decided to whip up a chicken stir fry for dinner tonight using this Trader Joe's Island Soyaki sauce:

I threw in sugar snap peas, onions, garlic, carrots, mushrooms and broccoli with a side of brown rice. The sauce was just ok. It had a very thin consistency and the taste wasn't very robust.
The meal was pretty good, I just wish the sauce had a little more teriyaki flavor.
And that is that folks. I'm going to go get ready for bed, get this kids in their beds and put myself in mine! Good night!


  1. Delicious meals. I really love subway. The bread is slightly sweet and fluffy. Love it. And what a great stir fry dinner!

  2. Try reading to four 18-year olds sometime! Talk about nervous!!! Just kidding!

    I am so beyond proud of you...thanks for all your inspiration! We still have 52 days to go with P90X...that Plyo DVD is a butt-kicker!

    Too bad my low weight after "drunko" didn't count...just dehydration. Rats.


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