Getting back on track today.....it's amazing how much better your body feels when you fuel it right!
Breakfast was a low fat waffle with almond butter and a side of cantaloupe. I have totally forgotten about my almond butter because it's been hiding in the back of my fridge. Time to bring this baby forward!

I took the kids to school and then went to Zumba class again. Today's class rocked!!! It was a blast and I burned 565 calories. Not too shabby!! I quickly showered and hopped in the car to my wax (fun! not!) appointment. On the way I had a Flat Out Wrap with some Better N Peanut Butter with an apple on the side:

I also had a mild peel at my appointment. I'm trying to get rid of this little acne problem I've been having lately. I'm 33....hello!?! What's up with that!?!
I was hungry after my appointment so I had a Fiber One bar:

I went over to Lisa's for the Yoga X video for our P90X workout. Lisa was busy so I had to do it by myself. It was pretty zen and I felt great afterwards.
I came home and had a snack of Trader Joe's Mediterranean hummus with a red bell pepper:

My son decided he wanted Pei Wei for dinner so that's exactly where we went. I had the kid's honey seared shrimp with brown rice and double veggies:

Perfect portion...everything about it is good! Now with four points left (!!!) I have to think of a good dessert to have!! Wish all my problems were this easy. :)


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