Hello from Pasadena!!! I'm at my parent's house blogging away right now, relaxing and enjoying a glass of wine. :)
I was asleep last night at 8:30pm. Out cold. I can actually say that I'm physically exhausted. I think I need a break!! The break came just in time as I was supposed to be heading to my parent's house. Thank goodness! Let's rewind shall we....

Breakfast looks happy doesn't it!?! A light wheat English muffin with Barney Butter and cantaloupe.

I got the kids fed, clothed and loaded them in the car. My husband decided to take them to his mom's house since I was going to visit my parents. After they left, I dragged my tired butt over to Lisa's for P90X. Today's video was the Back and Biceps video (I think....my brain is tired too) and the Ab Ripper. I made it through it and did my best but it wiped me out. I need a day off...and I get one tomorrow...just in time! I won't have time to work out tomorrow so it's a forced day off. :)

I came home, got dressed and jumped in the car for the two hour drive to LA. I had a turkey sandwich on light wheat bread with an apple on the way:

There are two reasons why I'm at my parent's house this weekend. One: we are celebrating my sister in law's birthday. We have a tradition in our family that we all gather to celebrate each other's birthday's. The birthday person gets presents, a cake and gets to pick their birthday meal. Since my brother and sister in law are also on Weight Watchers, she choose El Pollo Loco. Yeah! I love El Pollo Loco!!! I ordered the chicken tostada salad without dressing and didn't eat the shell:

I loaded it with salsa, onions and hot sauce and went to town. It was soooo good!!!! Then, it was time for cake. I couldn't resist. I just love birthday cake!

Then it was present time and wine time!

The second reason I'm here is that I have a bridal shower to go to tomorrow morning over here. :)
Since we ate a late lunch, I'm not really hungry for dinner. I may just call it a night. I may not post tomorrow night...after I get home I have a pre-school fundraiser to go to tomorrow night so it may be a late night. That's all! Good night! Have a good weekend!


  1. WOW! Look at you, posting from your mom's! You are so loyal...to your blog, your fitness, and your friends!

    I saw that cake photo...argh! I now want cake.

    Down 1.5 from yesterday...so happy we are on this fitness journey together...would not be able to do it without you!


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