Ugh....too much wine last night. And I slept horribly...BOO!!!! More on this in a moment....

Thursday night's dinner was leftover stuffed shells that I had pulled out of the freezer earlier. I made some veggies to go with it:

Yesterday's breakfast was Fage yogurt with Fiber One cereal and strawberries and blackberries:

I woke up yesterday feeling under the weather. :( Ugh. I took some Dayquil and went on with my day. I went to Lisa's for P90X. The video of the day was the dreaded Plyometrics. I thought there was no way I'd make it through it but once I got started, I started to actually feel better and rocked that video! 550 calories and even my knees were sweaty! Nice!!

Lunch was Subway again. :) If I eat lunch out, it's always Subway lately. It's always a safe option because I know exactly what I'm dealing with.

Then it was off to get my nails/toes done and go home and get ready for the charity event I was going to. I went with Lisa and her husband to an event my friend was putting on for United Way. It was held at the W hotel downtown.
The first (of three) glass of Chardonnay:

There was a definite lack of food. I would show you pictures but had I stopped to take them, I probably wouldn't have gotten any! There were passed appetizers but they were hard to come by. I had to stand by the door they were coming out of just to ensure I got some. I had a few pieces of sushi, bruschetta and spring rolls.

I did get an interesting picture of a couple ladies who looked like Lady Gaga in 50 years:

"Ga Ga Ooh La La.....Grandma, Gran-ma-ma" (to the Bad Romance song). Ha ha!!
On the way home, I was starving and we went through the Wendy's drive thru for Lisa's husband and I did not order anything! I can thank Lisa for that. (Thank you Lisa for steering me in the right direction). Lisa told me that if I just go to sleep I won't know that I'm hungry. True that!!
But I am now famished so it's time for breakfast!


  1. I just about spit out the water I was drinking over grandma gran ma ma, ha!! Nothing says I'm ready to party for charity like bright silver eye shadow and a wind tunnel face lift...

  2. that picture of the older gagas is hilarious! haha I hear you - if I can just say no to late night eating I'm always fine and never go hungry!


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