Today is a VERY exciting day for me. I have finally reached my goal weight of 135.0!! Now my driver's license is finally not a lie! I was ecstatic when I stepped on the scale this morning. Now I have to decide if I want to keep my weight here or lose a few more lbs. We'll see!

Breakfast was Fage yogurt with Fiber One cereal and blackberries.

I took the kids to school and went to Lisa's for the P90X Core Synergistics video. Ugh...I really don't like this one. There are so many exercises in it that I find extremely challenging.
I guess it's just something I'll have to work up to!

I came home, changed, and then went to The Pantry for lunch with some friends. One of our friends could not attend Lisa's birthday party a few weeks ago so she thought she'd take us all out to lunch instead. How nice!!
I started with a cup of their carrot ginger soup. It was vegan and tasted heavenly. I was worried it would be too sweet for me but it was perfect! Luckily, someone took the little bread off my hands. :)

Then I had the Bulgur, Chicken and Avocado Salad which I've had before and love:

Afterwards I went to Target, Ralphs, Trader Joes and then came home and unloaded all my goods. By then it was time to make dinner. I decided to try another recipe from the Vitamix cookbook: Spicy Tomato Sauce. It called for a jalapeno which I forgot to buy so I just added some red pepper flakes. It's basically roma tomatoes, a little light cream cheese, garlic, tomato paste and some dried herbs all blended up. I then let it simmer on the stove for 30 minutes and served it with whole wheat penne:

Yuck. Bland and boring. I tried to season it up some more in the pot, but it just wasn't working. Luckily I've learned that Lisa likes to adopt all the bland and boring food that I make so this one will be going to her. I also made a big salad so I had a bunch of that too.

Right now I'm enjoying some of this as I type:

I really like it! For two points, this was a lot of ice cream and really killed my chocolate craving. Nice!!


  1. congrats on hitting your goal! You are making me believe in the power of P90X :-) you're a great example of how to eat healthy but with some treats in moderation and still lose weight

  2. oh boo - so sorry the dinner recipe didn't turn out! It looks awesome. And of course - MANY CONGRATS on hitting 135 - WOO!!

  3. I cannot express how proud of you I am! You did it! (and you are making me do it, too!)
    I am thrilled when you don't like your delicious home-cooked food. You may think it's bland, but mashed potatoes are spicy to me! If I ever ate that spicy food you like, my hair would spontaneously perm! I ate that stroganoff FIVE NIGHTS IN A ROW!!! It was da bomb, chica!

    "Bringin' it to the people!" Amen!


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