135.8 yesterday; 136.0 today

Happy Belated Valentines Day!!! I was too tired last night to post. So let's get right to it then!

I bought these cute bowls from Target for Valentine's Day. I got one for each child and one for myself because they were so cute! I was planning on having breakfast in mine but changed my mind....

I decided that I wanted to try the new Bagel Thins with some Barney Butter.

They tasted a little more bagel like this way but I'm still on the fence on these. They still taste almost like the sandwich thins but with a hole in the them. And the hole makes it difficult for applying peanut butter. :)

I finished up the laundry and read blogs and had a snack: red bell pepper and hummus:

Then it was time for P90X! YogaX day!! The Yoga video is definitely getting easier but there still are a few poses that are challenging. I can hold the crane pose for a few seconds and am hoping to post of picture of that soon. I'm pretty proud of myself!!

Lunch was the wonderful leftovers from the Quinoa and Black Beans that I made yesterday except this time I put it in a tortilla with lettuce, tomatoes and avocado. Of course I put Cholula on each bite. :) I also had a big salad on the side!

Then I decided it was time to organize the house a little. I put some laundry away, organized my recipes (there are tons!) and did some basic clean up. I always feel much better when things are where they belong.

When dinner time came around, I was told it was my choice for Valentines dinner. I told my husband I wanted to eat healthy but REALLY wanted pizza. He answer was "You've basically reached your goal weight....are you ever going to eat normally again?" That made me laugh and also realize that maybe it was time for a cheat meal. :) I decided to go to Leucadia Pizza because I like their pizza and I knew it wouldn't be too busy. And I just so happened to have received an email informing me of their half price wine bottles on Valentines Day. :)

Beautiful merlot! I shared the bottle with the hubby. I had a Caesar salad to start:

Then we had veggie pizza:

That was my first of THREE pieces. Yup. I went nuts. And it was good. VERY good. And I dipped each bite in ranch dressing.

As if that wasn't enough, we decided to get frozen yogurt after. Since I was already going nuts, I decided that a few M&M's and butterfinger pieces wouldn't hurt:

And you know what???? I don't regret one bite. I enjoyed each bite and really needed that splurge. I do splurge every now and then but I haven't really gone balls to the wall like that in awhile! Shocked that my weight isn't higher to tell ya the truth!

So, that brings us to today. Hubby is taking me out (just the two of us) for our "real" Valentines dinner tonight...but don't except to see another crazy dinner. I'll try to control myself tonight. :)
Breakfast was a burrito! Egg beaters, spinach, zucchini, onions, bell peppers and taco sauce:

I went over to Lisa's for the Legs/Back video for P90X as well as the Ab Ripper (aka Ab Crapper). The Legs/Back video was fine. Nothing crazy to report. I actually did pretty well in the ab video. I'm about to the point where I can do 99% of everything. There are something like 339 ab moves in 16 minutes. And it's HARD. I ended up burning almost 500 calories today and it wasn't even a cardio day!
I went to the grocery store, picked up my mail and headed home for lunch. I need something low in points so I went for my "two point special." A wrap with turkey, veggies and mustard and a cup of Progresso's light soup:

Nothing too crazy but it tastes good and it's filling and that's exactly what I was looking for. Now I need to pay bills and get my desk organized. See ya on the flip side!


  1. I just found your blog and I like it so far. You seem to have a really good balance going. I love that you enjoyed a delicious pizza dinner with froyo! It feels so good to eat what you truly crave.
    And thanks for the review of the bagel thins, I was interested in how those would be!


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