135.8 continued

Lunch today was Amy's Split Pea Soup and a piece of wheat toast. I love pea soup and Amy's is really good!

I picked the kids up from school and came home and made a snack of red bell pepper, cucumbers and hummus:

I took my kids to their doctor's appointment and then came home and threw together a quick dinner. I used some of the leftover quinoa and black beans and made a salad with lettuce, green onion, avocado and tomatoes. Of course I loaded it with Cholula.

I ate the quinoa cold this time and it's just as tasty this way! I love this recipe!
Now I'm chilling with the kids, watching cartoons and reading blogs. I have a few points left so I probably will have something with peanut butter. :) Good night!


  1. I prefer Quinoa cold, in a salad :)

  2. I've never tried quinoa cold - smart! (I've only had it hot with chicken). I can see how that would be yummy though!


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