Happy Veteran's Day! My son decided to celebrate by sleeping until 8AM. Way to go!

I have a TON of raspberries leftover from the huge case of it I bought at Costco for my sangria. So I put them on my Fage. I also put pumpkin butter and fiber one in my Fage as well.

My spin class got cancelled so I decided to go to the gym and get some treadmill time in. I did this workout. I did the ENTIRE running part. I tried to do this awhile back and only made it through a quarter of the running part before I had to switch over to the walking part. It kicked my butt but it felt wonderful and empowering when it was all done. I had run the longest amount of time in my life: 35 minutes.....up and down HILLS. My heart rate monitor said I burned 491 calories doing it...not the possible 550 that the program claims but not too shabby otherwise!!!!

I only had a few minutes to change and have lunch before I took my son to a playdate so I had my "quick special": flat out wrap with Better N Peanut Butter and a honeycrisp apple.

After the playdate I had some more of the Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato soup. This soup is good and filling!

I caught up on email/blogs/online shopping :) and decided it was time for dinner.

Leftover Paella:

I made WAY too much of it last night. I gave some away, had some for dinner, gave some to my nanny and put a TON of it in my freezer for my mom. I have no idea how it will turn out after being frozen but it's better than wasting it since it was so labor intensive to make. :)

Now I'm relaxing with some Gingerbread tea and watching cartoons with my kids. I'm very excited to get in bed and read some more of my current book: Time Traveler's Wife.

Any good books you'd like to recommend?

Good night all!


  1. Sarah's Key
    Snow Flower and The Secret Fan
    Pillars of the Earth

    Thats my top 3 list!

  2. peanut butter wraps = total love.
    honeycrisp apples are the best!

  3. I'm going to Costco this weekend so I need book recommendations myself :)I've heard The Help is really good.

    I wasn't crazy about The Time Traveller's Wife- I actually liked the movie better. Weird, huh?


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