Wow...cannot believe the weight is staying put!!! Actually....I do see a difference is my eating habits this year compared to last year. Last year, I would eat on holidays (and sometimes other days) until I felt like I was going to pop. Nowadays I try to eat until I'm 80% full and stop....that took a lot of training but it's working! Yesterday I had a little bit of everything and stopped when I started to feel full.

We last left off at today's breakfast so we will resume at lunch. I made a "leftover" sandwich consisting of: sourdough bread (leftover from the stuffing) slathered with dijon mustard and then filled with turkey and leftover sauteed onions and some mozzarella cheese....all grilled up in a pan.....GOOD!! I made a Caesar salad with a bunch of veggies to go with it. This kept me satisfied for hours!

I finished up the laundry, did some online shopping (didn't really find anything), and got my holiday card list ready....I'm trying to get my holiday cars in the mail on Monday.

I decided that I really needed Souplantation again for dinner. So...we all went. The usual:

I had two pieces of the pizza bread as well. No dessert this time....my daughter decided that she wasn't in the mood to behave so we left before dessert. Just as I was feeling sad that I was missing out on the gooey caramel cake and vanilla soft serve, my friend Lisa called me that she had a surprise for me to pick up on my way home:

Aren't they just gorgeous!?! I'm going to have one after the kids go to sleep....if I can wait that long!


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