So last night my dessert was a peanut butter sandwich. Why oh why is this sooo freakin good!?!

I guess I didn't get the nut butter out of my system because I wanted more for breakfast. (When do I ever NOT want it?) Ezekiel toast with Barney Butter and cantaloupe. I had coffee too....I think I've had it every day this week so far. It really does help my workouts but do you think I'll get addicted? I don't normally have an addictive personality but we'll see. :)

After taking the kids to school, I went to spin class. We did 45 minutes of spin and 15 minutes of abs. I came home and made lunch: tuna with red bell peppers, tomatoes, pickles, red onion, garlic salt, pepper and some light mayo. Some of it went in a whole wheat tortilla with lettuce....

And I ate the rest in the bowl I mixed it in with an extra pickle. All while sitting at my desk getting some work done. I'm trying to come up with wishlists for the kids for the holidays as well as figure out what I'm getting everyone else for Christmas/Hanukkah. I have no idea. Have you started your holiday shopping?

I picked my daughter up from school and we went to McDonalds to pass the time until it was time to pick up my son. We both got a vanilla cone.

I. Love. These.
Later on at home I was feeling snacky. What did I want you ask? Peanut butter. Yes...this time I ate it with some pretzels. I also had some Vanilla Chai tea.

I went to abs class tonight. (30 minute ab/core class) I haven't been in a long time. It felt good getting some extra ab work in!

I need to get rid of some of the leftovers in the freezer to make room for Thanksgiving stuff (I like to make some sides ahead and freeze them) so I pulled out some leftover Taco Bake (Weight Watcher recipe). It reheated pretty well. I served it with corn and tons of Cholula. :) It looks like dog food in the picture but it was yummy....I promise!

I may have a piece of Halloween candy later. Thanks for the book recommendations. I love a good book! I'm having a hard time getting through Time Traveler's Wife. We'll see how it goes....


  1. I gave up on Time Traveler's Wife. I wanted to start the new Dan Brown book and I just wasn't feeling TTW. And I read it almost halfway! Everyone loved it so I wanted to as well, but I just didn't.


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