I can't decide if I like the time change or not.....I don't like how fast it gets dark at night...but I do like waking up when it's light out. I opened an eye at 6:30AM to discover it was bright and sunny....not too bad!!

Breakfast was an uninspired Ezekiel toast with Barney Butter and cantaloupe. Hopefully my brain can muster up some more creativity tomorrow!

After dropping off the kids at school, I went to my Step and Sculpt class. I had an awesome workout!!! I love that!!!!
My hubby and I decided today would be a movie day. We went to Sammy's Woodfired Pizza first for lunch. I started with their Tomato Soup with no oil. I love this soup!

Then we shared another favorite: Chopped Chicken Salad. I LOVE this salad!!!!!

Then we saw This is It (the Michael Jackson movie). I enjoyed it. He and his team put so much work into that tour....I'm glad the world got to see it.
There was a frozen yogurt place next door advertising Pumpkin Spice yogurt with free graham cracker topping. I almost succumbed but I remembered that we were going to our club for a Monday Night Football buffet so I decided to save the calories.
I did end up eating a honeycrisp apple and some crackers later to tide me over. I enjoyed both with some hot gingerbread spice tea.
Dinner at the club was a pizza buffet. I definitely ate more calories than I ever wanted to but it was GOOD. Behold one of my favorite things: HOT WINGS!!

The three on the left were your standard hot wings and the other was a BBQ wing. I wasn't a fan of the BBQ ones so I only had one bite. I ate the other 3 hot wings plus 3 more. :) Yes, they were dipped in ranch dressing. I also had a plate with pizza and salad.

The slices were tiny so I had another. :) They had chocolate chip cannolis for dessert but I didn't eat one. Enough was enough! :)


  1. That breakfast needs a sprig of parsley to dress it up.

    Good job stepping away fromt he cannolis.

  2. I would have so turned down the wings and gone for the cannoli. I have such a sweet tooth! (and I'm just not a chicken wing fan in general...too much effort to eat for too little meat, I say!)


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