I'm going to make this post a quickie because I'm starting to feel under the weather....hopefully a good night's sleep will do the trick!

Breakfast was my new found "Egg Mug' breakfast consisting of egg beaters with a Laughing Cow cheese on a light wheat english muffin and a honeycrisp apple.

After taking the kids to school, I went to Step and Sculpt class. It was an awesome workout!!! Hubby and I went to Subway for lunch. The usual (turkey on wheat with everything):

There's a self serve frozen yogurt place next door so I decided it was a must. I mixed three flavors: Cake Batter, Fudgesicle and Mint.

Then I ran a bunch of errands: Target, Michaels, Trader Joe's, and Ralphs. Whew.....

Hubby and I made plans to go out to Donovan's together tonight but we decided to go to our club instead to watch the Monday Night Football game. We decided to go to Donovan's tomorrow night. So more on that to come...

I had two glasses of Chardonnay over the evening:

The buffet tonight was Fried Chicken and some fixings. I cannot tell you the last time I had fried chicken.

I started with a few helpings of lettuce wedge salad with ranch dressing:

Some more salad and fried chicken:

I had a tiny bit of mashed potatoes and gravy after that. Then they brought out hot wings so I had some of those too.

Bundt cake for dessert:

Wow....I ate too much. Ughh.....maybe that's why I don't feel that great. Booooooo!!! Oh well...tomorrow's a new day (and a much higher weight I'm sure).


  1. Looks like you were really productive today! I can't wait to hear about Donovan's...I've never been but am dying to do! I've heard good things (I've always been a Ruth's Chris girl, myself)

  2. Hope you feel better tomorrow!!


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