Stop the Madness!

I'm actually considering going to the gym! Too bad my tummy is full of breakfast! We were supposed to go snorkeling right now but it's pouring. So I'm blogging instead.

Yesterday after I dragged myself out of bed, I enjoyed another buffet. Same omelet (with salsa this time), pineapple and this breakfast quesadilla thing.

Plate number two:

Same waffle as yesterday....but today there were chocolate muffins (my favorite). This one wasn't very good so I only ate a couple of bites.

There was a group lunch today for some of the wedding attendees at The Pineapple Grill. I had another Caesar salad with seared ahi. This ahi was encrusted with pistachios. Mmmmmm......I really am liking ahi on my Caesar salads!

After lunch it was time to get ready for the wedding. Before the ceremony:

View from the ceremony:

It was the most beautiful setting and the weather was perfect!!! I enjoyed a glass of champagne at our table:

And another glass of chardonnay....

The passed appetizers were really good! There were crab cakes, little BLT things on crostinis and these beef tenderloins with lemon aioli:

Dinner was a buffet that included different salads, meats, fish and veggies. I wasn't very hungry at this point so I just a had a few tastes of things. This picture doesn't look very appetizing but it was really good: beef tenderloin and Korean short rib. I like my meat rare. :)

I also tried the chicken quesadilla with avocado crema:

I spent the rest of the evening dancing (that's a workout right?) and never had dessert. When there's good music, you will always find me on the dance floor. Not even chocolate can pull me away. Then it started pouring rain....fortunately we were under a big tent. After the wedding we went with some friends to their hotel room and drank tequila and played cards. It was a blast!!
So this morning I had the same omelet and pineapple as I have for the last two mornings. I didn't have the second "sweets" plate today....I'm staring to feel the extra weight I've put on this trip. This madness needs to come to an end before I explode!!!


  1. hey, at least you're having fun right? If you're going to splurge, it should be "worth it" and it looks like you're sticking to the real "worth it" foods. That's one of my biggest problems! Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip...I've never been to Hawaii and I want to go SOOO bad. Someday, someday :-)

  2. What a gorgeous place for a wedding!! Dancing is most definitely a workout in my mind :)

  3. So jealous of that trip, I have been to so many countries around the world but have yet to make it to Hawaii.

  4. aw great pics of you two! And of the food - wow - that queso with creamy guac?! Amazing!


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