Weight fluctuations are strange.
Last night around 9:30PM, I wanted a almond butter sandwich like nobody's business. I was already in bed. I kept imagining the taste of it in my mouth. Somehow, I was able to resist. I think I'll make one and eat in the car on the way to LA today. :)

This morning I laid in bed until 10AM and read a magazine and drank a latte. NOT!!! My son decided that 6:30AM was an appropriate time to get up on a Saturday. Lucky me!!! I immediately had a cup of coffee which made me feel better almost right away. After catching up on email and cartoons, I made breakfast.

A "trying to clean out the fridge" burrito: whole wheat tortilla with 1/3 cup egg beaters, 1/3 cup reduced fat shredded cheese, mushrooms, spinach, 1/2 a jalapeno (with the seeds), taco sauce and Cholula of course. Mmmmmm now I'm awake!!

I eventually took a shower and got everything for the kids and I packed up and shopped online at Bloomingdales and caught up on blogs. That was about it. Lunch time arrived and again it was time to clean out the fridge. And old friend:

Enchilada Lasagna. Do you see my friend Cholula in the corner? The kids were eating granola bars and they just looked so good so I had one.
Mmmm....like an oatmeal raisin cookie. I think I need to crumble one of these babies on greek yogurt.
This is an early post because we are about to hit the road in a bit so I won't be visiting all of you tonight. I doubt you'll see me tomorrow either so just hang tight! Have a great weekend!!


  1. Enchilada lasagna sounds good! A cross between Mexican and Italian - two of my favorite food ethnicities!

    By the way, you totally do not look like a mom of two, wow!


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