Ok good....now let's keep the scale under 140. :)

Breakfast was Trader Joe's Strawberry Yogurt O's again. :) Alongside were strawberries. I decided that putting them in my cereal detracts from the deliciousness of the O's.

After dropping the kids at school, I went to Step and Sculpt class. An hour of cardio and weight lifting later...I was a sweaty mess. Just the way I like it!! I cleaned up and went over to Bloomingdales to pick up my pre-sale stuff (AMA dress!) and had lunch there: a bowl of pea soup and a half a chicken salad sandwich on wheat.

YUM!! I went shopping for awhile and then ran over to Trader Joes to pick up some groceries. I had a non pictured latte. I usually drink a double skinny vanilla latte but I was feeling in the pumpkin mood so I asked for a little pumpkin syrup instead of the vanilla. Maybe it was the extra shot of espresso but it tasted funny to me. :(

When I came home I started the laundry and made some cute pumpkin shaped chocolate chip cookie "lollipops" for Halloween.

Cute huh?

While getting dinner ready I indulged in this:

Dinner was this recipe for Baked Turkey and Jack Cheese Chimichangas. I have a bunch in the freezer from the last time I made them so I just defrosted a couple. I cooked up some zucchini, onions and corn to go with it. Another lopsided pic:

All plated up (before I dumped a ton of salsa and cholula on it):

After getting everything cleaned up and more laundry done, I decided to break into the Halloween candy bag early and have these with my two leftover points:

Mmmmmm....my favorite candy!!!! Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Ohmigod that pumpkin lollipop is so cute! Looks yummy, too :)


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