Hello all! Sorry I didn't post last night but I was too pooped when I got back from Ladies Night. Let's recap yesterday...

Breakfast was a multi grain English muffin with 1/3 cup egg beaters and a slice of reduced fat cheese with a side of strawberries. Very yummy and filling!! My breakfast experimentation is coming along quite nicely. Maybe soon, I'll have to try oatmeal again....maybe. :) What is your favorite healthy breakfast?

After dropping the kids off at school, I came home and started getting stuff packed for this weekend. We are all going to LA on Saturday...it's my brother's birthday dinner on Saturday and we have to little kid's birthday parties on Sunday and my family's birthday dinner for my brother on Sunday. Busy busy! I went to spin class. It was just me again so we did half spinning, half weights. We did some nice curtsy squats (holding two 10lb weights), butt blasters and lots of biceps and triceps.

After spinning I came home and had some of the funky vinegar Asian noodles for lunch. I hate seeing food go to waste. The noodles were ok....it would be so much better if I had used the correct vinegar. There's a lot left too. :(
After lunch, I picked up my son (my daughter gets out of school later on Wed) so we went to McDonalds to pass the time. He wanted a vanilla cone which he had two bites of so I ate the rest. I love those. They are only three points and so worth it!!!! Picked up my daughter and came home and caught up on email. I was feeling snacky so I had some of these beauties:
Then it was about time to get ready for Ladies Night. We went to Iris Food and Spirits in Carmel Valley. It was a cute little place with an amazing view of the sunset over the water. As soon as I was seated I ordered one of these babies:
Even after all my snacking, I was starving when I got there. We all were! It was taking forever to order our appetizers and while I try to avoid the bread basket....that's what I needed desperately....bread!!! We asked for some bread and were told they couldn't bring any bread until after our order was taken and the menus were removed from the table........huh?? Well, then...please let me order already!!! ;) Finally our wishes were granted and we were able to not only order but get some bread too! Whoo hoo!!!!
I split the Baked Goat Cheese with my friend. The menu describes it as: Warm California chevre with basil pesto, roasted garlic and caramelized onion. To. Die. For.
Sorry for the sideways pic. Next up was my entree: Pan Braised Sea Bass (white wine, olives, roasted red peppers and capers, crispy herb potatoes and leeks and green beans).
It was really good! I only ate a couple of the potatoes but they were tasty!! I made the mistake of tasting my friend's pasta with Gorgonzola cream sauce before I tried my fish. The pasta was heavenly. But, in the end, I made the healthier choice which I'm proud of. And...no dessert! I had a second glass of chardonnay instead. :) It was a fun night with good food and great friends!!


  1. The baked goat cheese looks amazing! My favorite healthy breakfast is a green smoothie...I need a cold weather alternative now though!

  2. Those dinner pics look amazing - especially the sea bass plate! Great breakfast! I love a muffin! :)


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