As promised, I did have a skinny cow ice cream sandwich last night and it was good!! I really love these!

This morning's breakfast was an egg sandwich: egg beaters, reduced fat cheese all on a light wheat english muffin with half an apple on the side.

After dropping the kids off at school, I came home and paid bills (yuck) and then went to spin class. I hadn't been in three weeks so fortunately the instructor took it easier on me. We did 45 minutes of spin and 15 minutes of abs. It feels so good getting back into the swing of things. Afterwards I drove my sweaty self to Trader Joe's. I had a snack on the way:

I really like these Fiber One bars....they are tasty and very filling!

I really needed groceries:

Now that I had fresh veggies, I decided that a ginormous salad was in order. In this concoction was mixed greens, spinach, shredded carrots, cucumber, tomato, red bell pepper. I tossed it with Trader Joe's Goddess dressing and topped it off with a scoop of Trader Joe's Spicy Ranchero Egg White Salad (it's got a kick!).

After lunch I had to go to the bank and some misc errands. When I got back I was feeling snacky so I had my FIRST Honeycrisp apple ever. Is it crazy that I've never had one before? I loved it! Normally, my favorite apple is the Gala and this reminded me of it.....maybe a little more sweet and crisp!!!! Alongside was a little container of peanut butter and vanilla tea. Mmmmmm

Nothing too crazy happened between snack and dinner. I mainly caught up on blogs and email. Hubby is working tonight and I didn't feel like anymore risotto from last night so I whipped up a bowl of whole wheat spaghetti and veggies. I threw in some onions, green and yellow squash, red bell pepper and mushrooms. With a bunch of red pepper flakes on top, it really hit the spot!

Again I leave you before dessert. I have 4.5 points left and I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet. Ooooohh...possibly some of my new Trader Joe's Strawberry Yogurt O's cereal and almond milk perhaps? I love trying new cereal. Stay tuned....


  1. I love that cereal! Totally dessert worthy (although at this point if you had it, you'd know that already). I'll have to look out for that egg white salad...now that I like eggs and I LOVE spicy food, it sounds perfect for me.

  2. I've never had a skinny cow - love how the bar is branded- cute! I LOVE the fiber one bars - both the chocolate and PB are amazing!!


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