Happy Halloween!!! I'm posting early because I have a feeling that I'll be too tired to post after tonight's festivities.

Breakfast was a breakfast quesadilla: egg beaters, reduced fat shredded mexican cheese, taco sauce all housed in a whole wheat tortilla. Each bite was consumed with Cholula. So good and very filling....I couldn't finish my side of cantaloupe....my kids had to eat it for me.

I went to spin class where we did 45 minutes of spin and 15 minutes of abs. Thought it was necessary to burn as many calories today before the chocolate extravaganza happens later!
When I got home I made this:

The finished product:

It's hard to tell from the picture but the pan I used had a lovely leaf design on top. The verdict: this is one yummy bread!!!! I'm going to serve it later with Trader Joes pumpkin butter. I'll let you know how it goes. I can't imagine it would be bad!
I was feeling like soup for lunch so I had this:

Alongside was light wheat toast with a Laughing Cow original cheese on it. The soup was very filling...I only ate half. It was ok....not the best but not the worst. It's the first time I didn't go "nutso" over one of Amy's products.
So now I'm sitting here with curlers in my hair waiting for my family to arrive so we can begin our Halloween festivities!
What are you going to be for Halloween?


  1. wow that bread looks so so so good :)

  2. For Halloween, I am going to be a witch. Ok, I am probably going to be a witch way past Halloween. May mix it up a bit, and switch out the "W" for a "B" during certain days of the month...we'll see.
    Anyway, I am reading this late, Halloween is over, and you looked amazing in your flapper duds! The boa really made the outfit, though...love you!

  3. That pumpkin bread looks so good! I can see the design - super cute:)


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