Chicago Part Two

We are just about ready to head to the airport but I thought I'd take the time to catch you all up on my activities here in Chicago!! Friday night we all went to Friends Sushi. It was probably the best sushi I've ever had!!!! The evening started out with chardonnay:

We all shared some edamame:

Then some veggie tempura:

And an assortment of sushi rolls...I can't remember which was which but they were all excellent. Definitely try Friends Sushi if you're in Chicago!!

After dinner, it was straight to bed...we had to get some rest for the big game on Saturday!!
At 8AM Saturday morning, we jumped in the car and made the hour and change drive to South Bend, Indiana for the USC/Notre Dame football game. Coffee was much needed!!

It is quite possible that this may have been added to the coffee. It is also possible that this was put in a flask and brought into the game and enjoyed with my hot chocolate:

Thanks to my brother (who went to Notre Dame) for the great tip! The hot chocolate was spectacular....especially in the 40 degree weather!
There were snacks in the car:

What is better than little pretzel peanut butter sandwiches???

Wine of course!!!!!!!

Let the tailgaiting begin!! Well, the tailgaiting ended about the same time it started. We had a heck of a time finding a place to park and then our little disposable grill wouldn't we made due with some chips and dip. We decided to ditch our "tailgate" and make our way to the stadium.

A little (or a lot) of wine perhaps?

The game was exciting but it was too close!! Fortunately, the Trojans beat the Irish in the end!

Since our little tailgate failed, I was pretty hungry by the time the game got going, so I had two of these over the course of the afternoon:

We managed to get out of South Bend pretty quickly and efficiently thanks to our wonderful driver: my brother in law. (Thank you again!) :)
We decided to have dinner at Gino's East. More stuffed pizza. We wanted to see which was better: Giordano's or Gino's East.
Since we were told the pizza would take an hour to make, we started off with some hot wings. I love me my hot wings. These were GOOD and HOT....perfect wings!

Got to have some greens too!

At last....the veggie deep dish pizza.

The verdict: Giordano's wins. Don't get me wrong, Gino's East was pretty darn good but the crust at Giordano's was much better....fluffier and flakier.

For breakfast this morning we visited my hubby's uncle (who is 97 years old) at his home. There was a lovely spread of bagels, cream cheese, lox and onions, eggs, fruit, pastries and juice. I didn't take any pictures because I felt a little funny about it and didn't want to have to start explaining what a food blog was to a 97 year old man. :) We had a great time and are sad to leave...but the show has to go on right?