Hi y'all!!! I'm back from my trip! We never made it to Cheesecake Factory :( but I DID make it to the gym!!!! Thank goodness because I didn't eat in the most healthful manner that I could have but oh well!! Tomorrow is a new day!!

Wednesday night's dinner was Hometown Buffet......yes I know what you're thinking.....why would I ever eat there??? We had six kids with us and majority wanted a buffet. So I walked in feeling ready to make healthful choices but soon realized those were few and far between. So I had little bits of some healthy and unhealthy things and was doing alright until dessert. You see, I'm a sucker for chocolate. They had a lava cake sort of I HAD to have some of that with the vanilla soft serve on top. That did it.....then I felt sick. BOO!!!!!!

Thursday morning's breakfast was healthy and SOOOOO good! I had the best egg white omelet ever!!! It was loaded with veggies with a side of tomato slices and a slice of whole wheat toast. Then a mimosa or two (3?) happened. I would have had just one but I was able to get free refills from Jose the who could say no???

It was a late breakfast so we didn't eat lunch. I had a little bit of fruit and a brownie that my mother in law made. You see, her brownies are the best brownies ever but they are evil...they force you to eat them. You have no willpower. That's why they are not allowed in my home. Evil little suckers.

Dinner was at a Mexican restaurant called Las Cansuelas Nuevas. I had a few chips and salsa and then two grilled fish tacos on corn tortillas. I had a lovely glass of chardonnay. And then when we got to the hotel, it's possible I had some more brownies.

Today I went straight to the gym and ran for 30 minutes. It's so hot in Palm Springs that it drains all your energy. If you don't work out in the morning you might as well forget it. I felt so good afterwards. We all went for an early lunch to Ruby's Diner. I had good intentions but I decided to have my last splurge before coming back to reality. I had a turkey burger on whole wheat bun with guacamole and swiss cheese and some fries. So that's the damage from the last two days. What will the scale say tomorrow? Be very afraid!!! :)