I had such a great sleep last night. Asleep by 9:30PM and up at 7:30AM. Ahhhhhh......I had the bed all to myself and my son slept until 8 and my daughter until 8:30 this morning. It was perfect! I know.....I'm a granny.

Breakfast was Fage 0% with a half cup of fiber one and a half cup of strawberries. On my way to cooking class this morning I stopped by Starbucks and got my favorite: tall, double, skinny vanilla latte.

Cooking class was all about fish. I love fish! Hubby doesn't like fish so I don't get to cook it that often but it's always nice having good recipes for it anyway. So that was lunch....little bits of the five recipes that were prepared today. Oh and two glasses of wine. :)

Our gym is closed on Tuesdays so I always run/walk outside. It was so stickin hot today so I waited until about 5:30 to go. It was still hot. There's a crazy hill in my neighborhood that I like to walk up so I did that and then ran about one and a half miles and then walked the last mile and a half home. I'm glad I pushed myself to do it.

Dinner was a repeat from Sunday night: Chicken meatballs and whole wheat spaghetti with tons of veggies (zucchini, onions and mushrooms). It hit the spot. I'm out of points for the day so no dessert but that's ok.....I'm not hankering for anything sweet fortunately.

Good night!


  1. Aww I love mornings like that when you're well rested and can just sprawl out in bed!
    You're hubby doesn't like fish? Ugh I don't know if I'd be able to handle that--I could eat fish everyday! lol How fun though, I'd love to take a cooking class!

  2. The hubby doesn't like much of anything. It's like feeding a very picky toddler...maybe worse!
    I take a cooking class about 3 or 4 times a month and I love it!!! I could take one every day but then I'd be broke and very big. :)


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