Ah.....the feeling of sweet success. Today is my Weight Watcher "weigh-in" day. Although I weigh every day, this is the day that counts for Weight Watchers. Good thing it was a good one!

Last night I made a Weight Watchers recipe for cheese ravioli with a veggie filled sauce and zucchini on the side. Filling and yummy. It went nicely with the glass of red wine I had. Oh....I almost forgot.....the best part was dessert! I had enough points left for a pretty nice dessert. I recently discovered a product made by The Peanut Butter Company called Dark Chocolate Dreams. Here's a description from their website (http://ilovepeanutbutter.com/index.php):

"Our all natural peanut butter blended with rich dark chocolate. It's like a peanut butter cup in a jar! Great on a sandwich, but just as wonderful spooned over ice cream, spread on fruits, or simply eaten out of the jar. It's equally delicious as an ingredient in your all-time favorite baked goodies like chocolate cake and bread pudding. It contains no cholesterol, no trans-fats, no hydrogenated oils, and no high-fructose corn syrup. It is also gluten-free, vegan, and certified kosher pareve by the Orthodox Union"

Sooooooooooo good! I put a tablespoon of it on a graham cracker and fell in love. It has about the same calorie/fat content as peanut butter so it needs to be eaten in moderation. It's hard to resist.....I can feeling it calling out to me now from the pantry...You should see the other peanut butter products they have on their website.....Oh My!!!

So today started off muy bueno because of the lovely number I saw on the scale. I have lost 5% of my starting weight. Nice.

Breakfast was the same as yesterday....so I'm not going to bore you. I just LOVE almond butter.

After a sweaty session in my Step N Sculpt class, I decided to make today a "chill" today so I hung out by our club's pool. They have a hummus wrap I'm obsessed with. So that was lunch...along with a ton of Tapatillo I poured all over the wrap. A little fruit found its way onto the plate which was my "dessert".

Now dinner is kinda up in the air. My newest love is Indian Food. I would cook it every night if I could. It just isn't the most "point" friendly stuff. I really want to make Rachael Ray's "Chicken Curry in a Hurry" tonight. The problem is I don't have enough points for that and basmati rice. I may just eat it with brown rice (less points). Not sure how brown rice will go with it but I guess I'm going to find out. Tune in and see....


  1. JUST bought almond butter the other day b/c I kept hearing sooooo much about it. It was yummy, but I don't understand what all the hype is about?

    Please share with me how "Melissa Likes To Eat" it...


  2. Ah almond butter....my love. Eat in on english muffins, wheat toast, graham crackers, bananas (I heard that was good....don't like bananas so I wouldn't know) or just on a spoon!!!


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