I'm posting a little early today because I have my monthly "Ladies Night Out" where all my girls get together for a nice dinner out on the town. (I really hate that saying: "out on the town" by the way....not sure why I used it....guess there's no other saying like it is there?). Anyhoo......I may be too tired to post so I"ll do it now!

Another night of fabulous sleep.....ahhhhh.....I'm such a spoiled girl. Breakfast was the same as yesterday. I need to eat low points all day because I'd like to splurge a little at dinner tonight. So that breakfast was 2 points and CRAZY filling.

The cooking school that I attend had a tour today of the Asian grocery store 99 Ranch. That place was crazy (in a good way)! I saw so many types of fruits and vegetables that I had never heard of!!! I've been meaning to go there and was glad to have a tour so I know more about what is offered and where everything is located there.

Lunch was Subway 6 inch turkey on wheat with everything (even banana peppers and jalapenos) except olives. I really do like this sandwich but it doesn't keep me full for long (well...what does really?). Said sandwich was 5 points.

I did some grocery shopping to get ready for some weekend guests and then hit the gym. Ran a quick mile on the treadmill, did biceps and triceps and then hopped on the elliptical for 15 minutes. Next was shoulders and back and a final 15 minutes on the bike. Finished it all off with chest and abs.

Came home and had some Progresso Light zero point soup. The soup is ok.....but for zero points I cannot complain.

About to pop in the shower to get ready for tonight. Let's hope I can avoid dessert. Fingers crossed!