So I did get to work out last night after all. After the BBQ got cleaned up and the guests left, I had about an hour to kill before putting the kids to bed. I used it wisely....I went running. Ahh.....I felt so much better afterwards!

I didn't sleep so well last night...I was freezing! It makes no sense being summer in Southern Cali and all but who knows. I had to get up in the middle of the night to put on my winter pj's. Anyhoo.......

This morning's breakfast was different. Plain nonfat yogurt with a little sugar free strawberry jam mixed in with a half cup of fiber one and some strawberries and blackberries. By the way, Costco sells the BEST blackberries EVER. This is such a filling breakfast!!!! That fiber one stuff is nuts.

Step N Sculpt was a sweaty good time! Went with the hubby to Subway for lunch. Had me my 6 inch turkey on wheat with all the fixins and extra mustard. Mmmmmmm

Last minute I decided to ride along with the hubby and some friends on the golf course. What a glorious day!!! I had a fiber one bar (I think I'm good on fiber for the day) before our friends arrived. Then I proceeded to drink 3/4 of a bottle of wine on the course. I think I see a wine trend here this week.....

We went to dinner at my very favorite restaurant in San Diego: Firenze. OMG!!!! Everything there is soooooo good! I ended up splitting the chopped Caesar salad with the hubby and then had the calamari marinara which is off the hook good!!!! Some more red wine and my day was complete.

Trying to drink lots of water now to hopefully curb the bloat that will be on my scale tomorrow morning. A little scared because today was the last day I can work out this week. I'm leaving in a couple of day for my bro's wedding in Philly. It's going to be an eating bonanza. I just hope I can control myself appropriately. ;)


  1. Have fun at the wedding...I know you will behave with your food "intake"...you have done so well so far, you won't sabotage yourself with overeating. Now the wine, that may be a different story! LOL! Great posts...keep up the good work! I lost two pounds, then gained one back from the party, but it was worth it! What a blast!

  2. Yes....the wine is where the problem begins! :) Congrats on your weight loss....you look awesome!!!! The party was soooo much fun....thanks for the good times!


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